Tiger Meets

This page gives an overview of all the F-104 squadrons which participated in the yearly Tiger Meets as far as known. Every additions, stories, photos and corrections are welcome
CAMBRAI 11 till 15 June 1964

During the 4th edition of the Tiger Meet the Canadian 439 Squadron participated in the role as "observer" but without using their aircraft. Only on the final day some Belgium F-104s from Kleine Brogel Air Base showed up during the final air display.

BITBURG 14 till 18 September 1965

Participation included the Canadian 439 Sqn (Marville AB) with at least four CF-104s. German AG52 with RF-104Gs and the Belgium 31 Smaldeel with F-104Gs. German aircraft seen at Bitburg were : EB+104 (cn 6624), EB+254  (cn 8271) and EB+231 (cn 8233).

LEUCHARS 5 till 9 July 1966

This year RAF 74 Squadron was hosting the Tiger Meet.
The Canadians and the Belgian Air Force came along with their Starfighters. The German Air Force decided not to come over with their RF-104Gs since they believed that the safety facilities at Leuchars were not sufficient. So instead of RF-104G the 2nd Staffel of AG52 came over with two T-33 aircraft. Inside the magazine Air Pictorial (nr September 1966) an article can be found by Stephen Peltz.
439 Squadron: CF-104 12779, 12846 and CF-104D 12668.
31 Smaldeel: F-104G FX41, FX47, FX54, FX69 and FX78.
Beneath photos of some participants, Canadian CF-104 12846 and two Belgium F-104Gs FX41 and FX69 (thank to Serge Bonfond) and FX78 (by Henk Schakelaar). The formation picture was shared by Gary Watson (from 74 squadron archives).

104846 CF-104 12846 439 sqn TigerMeet_Leuchars_jul66_Harry Prins_CorrFX41_TigerMeet_Leuchars_1966_LogoFFF-104G_FX69_10W_31Sqn_1966_Leuchars_SergeBonfondX
LECK 25 May till 2 June 1967

The Leck based Starfighters from AG52 participated during this TigerMeet. Aircraft came from the Belgium 31 Smaldeel and the German Air Force AG52 all flying the F-104 Starfighter.  The Canadian 439 Squadron came to Leck with 3 Starfighters and 7 pilots, one of the them was CF-104D 12666. (see picture found on internet showing it at the Leck flightline). Also a picture thanks to An Ditroll showing the parking area at Leck with in total 7 Starfighters to be spotted there.

LAHR 16 till 20 September 1968

No 439 Squadron hosted the 1968 Tiger Meet at Lahr not long after arriving at the base. Eight units from six nations attended with; F-100D, (R)F-104G, CF-104, F-4D, G.91 and Super Mystère B.2.
The Canadian 439 Squadron participated also with their Starfighters, two of them being CF-104 12703 and 12859. Canadian pilot Lt. Col S.P. Gulyas won the Bronze Tiger Trophee. Also the Belgians came to Lahr. Participating 31 Smaldeel aircraft were FX03 and FX31. Next to some RF-104G from the German AG52 with at least 24+74 (see picture below) and 24+92. Also F-104Gs from the Italian 21 Gruppo participated including MM6525 code 53-05 (see photo taken by Henk Schakelaar below). It was their first appearance during a Tiger Meet.

WOODBRIDGE 4 till 8 August 1969

During this TigerMeet again Starfighters from the Canadian 439 Squadron participated. Also the German AG52, Italian 21 Gruppo and Belgium 31 Smaldeel joined the meet.
Aircraft seen during the TigerMeet on 6, 7 and 8 August were:
439 Squadron: CF-104 12833 (TIGER, see photo), 104834, 12850, 12900 and CF-104D 12655.
AG52: RF-104G 24+98, 24+99, 25+09 and TF-104G 27+90.
21 Gruppo: F-104G MM6532/53-14, MM6546/53-16, MM6580/53-15.
31 Smaldeel: F-104G FX34, FX42, FX48, FX60 and FX67.

Beneath photos showing RF-104G 24+98 operated by AG52 (Dick Lohuis Collection), the tiger bird CF-104 12833 and also a photo thanks to Dick Lohuis from his collection showing F-104G MM6580 code 53-15, parked next to MM6532 code 53-14. Also the Belgium F-104G FX48 with SMEEP painted on the front wheel door, photo taken by Henk Schakelaar.

KLEINE BROGEL 6 till 10 July 1970

Starfighters from the Belgium 31 Smaldeel (10Wing), Canadian 439 Squadron, Italian 21 Gruppo as well as recce Starfighters from the German AG52 participated during this TigerMeet. Belgium Air Force Major Piet DeVos won the Bronze Tiger Trophee.
Aircraft seen during the meet included:
10 Wing 31 Smaldeel : F-104G FX24 and more were seen during this week, all based at Kleine Brogel.
AG52: 21+00 (see picture beneath by Henk Schakelaar, taken on July 7th), 24+89 and 24+92 (all RF-104G)
21 Gruppo : MM6507/53-02, MM6516/53-04 and MM6601/53-10 (all F-104G)
439 Squadron: 104666 (CF-104D) and CF-104s 104823 and 104859 (see picture beneath) and 104893.
Note: Some believe that 104833 was participating as well as Tiger but this is not true.

UPPER HEYFORD 14 till 19 June 1971

Starfighters seen during this TigerMeet came from the German AG52, the Canadian 439 Squadron, Italian 21 Gruppo and the Belgium 31 Smaldeel. Aircraft seen during the TigerMeet were:
439 Squadron: CF-104 104749, 104823 (TIGER) and 104865 and also CF-104D 104661, 104666.
AG52: RF-104G 24+64, 24+70 and TF-104G 27+91 (see beneath).
21 Gruppo: F-104G MM6516/53-04, MM6532/53-15, MM6536/53-14, MM6563/53-07.
31 Smaldeel: FX21, FX30 (see beneath) and FX96.
Note: The Canadians had painted CF-104 104823 in Tiger colors. Sadly it was lost on June 16th, during the event after it collided with a photo chase aircraft.

CAMBRAI 12 till 19 June 1972

During this TigerMeet Starfighters from the Royal Hellenic Air Force 335 Mira participated for the first time. Also aircraft from the other Tiger squadrons flew their missions like the Canadian 439 Squadron, Belgium 31 Smaldeel and Italian 21 Gruppo.
439 Squadron: Six aircraft, seen were CF-104 104770 (TIGER color scheme, picture beneath thanks to Peter Doll) and CF-104D 104656.
31 Smaldeel: TF-104G FC03 and F-104G FX-47, FX79.
21 Gruppo: F-104G MM6532/53-15 and F-104S MM6717/53-10, MM6776/uncoded (see photo, thanks to Dick Lohuis).
335 Mira: F-104G 62-12302/FG302 (photo beneath taken on June 16th) and 63-12721/FG721.

CAMERI 19 till 25 June 1973

Starfighters seen during this TigerMeet came from the Hellenic Air Force 335 Mira, the Canadian 439 Squadron, the Italian 21 Gruppo and the Belgium 31 Smaldeel.
439 Squadron: CF-104 104827, 104840, 104869 and CF-104D 104666.
335 Mira: TF-104G 62-12274/FG274 and 62-12278/FG278.
21 Gruppo: F-104S MM6770/53-20, MM6771/53-05, MM6763/53-02, MM6???/53-04, MM6???/53-09 and MM6???/53-15
31 Smaldeel: FX20, FX29 and FX79.

BITBURG 25 till 29 June 1974

Starfighters seen during this TigerMeet came from the Hellenic Air Force 335 Mira, the Italian Air Force 21 Gruppo, Belgium Air Force 10W and Canadian 439 Squadron. An open house was organised on 29 June.
335 Mira: TF-104G 62-12278/FG278, F-104G 64-17781, 63-13643.
21 Gruppo: F-104S MM6732/53-01, MM6770/53-20, MM6815/53-04.
10W: F-104G FX81 and FX91.
439 Squadron: CF-104 104808, 104859 and CF-104D 104653.

Beneath photos taken at Bitburg showing CF-104 104808 landing after a mission (by Heribert Mennen), A flighline showing Hellenic Air Force Starfighters (by Eric Tammer) and the flightline with the Italian delegation (by Guntern Grondstein).

LECK 3 till 7 September 1975

Starfighters from the German AG52, Belgium 31 Smaldeel, Canadian 439 Squadron and Italian 21 Gruppo participated during this TigerMeet. An open house was held at Leck on 7 September.

One of the aircraft, MM6773/53-22, was involved in an accident during the meet. It encountered a mid-air collision with a GNAT from the RAF (XS103) while flying a mission from Leck. It was damaged but could land and was repaired lateron.
21 Gruppo: MM6706/53-10, MM6732/53-01, MM6773/53-22.
439 Squadron: CF-104 104756
31 Smaldeel: F-104G FX85 and FX98

BADEN-SOLLINGEN 31 May till 4 June 1976

Starfighters from the Canadian 439 Squadron and Belgium 31 Smaldeel participated during the TigerMeet held on the Canadian homebase. Canadian Armed Forces Lt. Col Peter deSmedt won the Bronze Tiger award. One Starfighter was TIGER striped being CF-104 104756.
439 Squadron: CF-104 104756 (Tiger).
31 Smaldeel : F-104G FX91.
Beneath a photo of the Tiger Starfighter, taken during the open house at Upper Heyford July 3rd. Patch/sticker thanks to Eddie Duggan.

Note: The Italian 21 Gruppo from Cameri also participated the event but by car only!!

GREENHAM COMMON 22 till 28 June 1977

A TigerMeet was held during the Air Tattoo held on this Air Base. The Belgium 31 Smaldeel, Canadian 439 Squadron and the Italian 21 Gruppo participated with the F-104. An aircraft seen 23 June 1977 was CF-104 104838 wearing a TIGER color scheme. The 439squadron won the Tiger trophee this meet. Participating aircraft included:
439 Squadron RCAF  CF-104 : 104751, 104838 "TIGER" and 104843,  104848, 104865 + visit of 104661 (441 SQN.)
10W BAF F-104G : FX67, FX81 and FX84. Also TF-104G FC11 was seen.
21Gr AMI F-104S : MM6723/53-05, MM6735/53-06 and MM6764/53-07.
Beneath photos of the Tiger Starfighter (left) by Eric Tammer at Sollingen on August 4th, and (right) at Greenham on June 23rd.

KLEINE BROGEL 19 till 26 June 1978

During this TigerMeet the Belgium Air Force 31 Smaldeel (10W) participated with a TIGER painted FX52. Other Starfighter squadrons at Kleine Brogel were the Italian 21 Gruppo and the Canadian Starfighters from 439 Squadron. They held an open house on 23 June.
The Tiger striped FX52 had been seen for the first time on 8 June and after the Tiger Meet it flew around at least until 2 August when it visited Leeuwarden AFB. Also it was reported that in November it still had its Tiger livery at Kleine Brogel AB. During the open house at Schlesswig Jagel on 22 and 23 July 1978 this FX52 was one of the highlights on the static show.
439 Squadron: CF-104 104706, 104795, 104810, 104899.
31 Smaldeel: F-104G FX33, FX52 (TIGER).
21 Gruppo: F-104S MM6705/53-03, MM6729/53-02, MM6764/53-07, MM6881/53-12.
The Belgium 31 Smaldeel won the Tiger Trophee this meet while Belgium Air Force Major Cornelissen won the Bronze Tiger Trophee.
Beneath two photos showing the tiger colored FX-52 of the Belgium Air Force, thanks to Gerrit Hiemstra and Rob Loonstra. Also a photo showing Italian MM6881 code 53-12 thanks to Dick Lohuis. Patch thanks to Eddie Duggan. Then a flightline picture of 53-02 and finally a nice taxy picture of FX15 thanks to Peter Doll.

CAMBRAI 18 till 25 June 1979

During this TigerMeet at Cambrai the Belgium 31 Smaldeel, the Italian 21 Gruppo and Canadian 439 Squadron participated. The Canadians brought a Tiger striped CF-104 104862. On 23 June an open house was held and 439 Squadron won the Silver Tiger Trophee. It has also been reported that the Hellenic Air Force 335 Mira participated and that their aircraft were parked in shelter, so not seen during the open house.
439 Squadron: CF-104 104785, 104865, 104859, 104862 (TIGER), 104893 and CF-104D 104653.
31 Smaldeel: F-104G FX31, FX47, FX83 and FX96.
335 Mira: 63-12708/FG708 (reported).
Beneath photos the Tiger CF-104 Starfighter at Cambrai, at April 23rd, taken by Eric Tammer and Marinus Dirk Tabak, the CF-104 104859 (J.P Poelstra), CF-104D 104653 (Dick Lohuis Collection) and finally the Belgium Air Force FX31 zapped with a tiger feet track all over.

104862_Cambrai_23jun79_EricTammer104862 CF-104 TM79 Cambrai June 1979104859_Cambrai_TigerMeet_jun79_JPPoelstraX
CAMERI 9 till 16 June 1980

Italian 21 Gruppo participated during the TigerMeet held on its homebase. Also the Belgium 31 Smaldeel, the Canadian 439 Squadron and some aircraft from 335 Mira were available. On June 13th there was a special fly pass of some participating aircraft.
Aircraft seen during the meet include:
31 Smaldeel : F-104G FX34, FX81, FX86 and FX93. Also TF-104G FC-12 was seen during the event.
335 Mira: TF-104G 62-12278/TF-278, F-104G 62-12314/FG-314
439 Squadron: CF-104 104739 (marked "439" and TIGER colors), 104790 and 104810.
21 Gruppo (seen operating) : MM6711/53-11, MM6721/53-06, MM6723/53-05, MM6764/53-07, MM6807/53-16, MM6930/53-04 and MM6935/53-15.
Beneath two photos showing the Tiger CF-104 with fake serial "439", first at Sollingen on June 6th, by Willy Metze, and one taken while landing at Cameri on June 14th. Also a third photo showing the Greek FG-314 with the three Belgium participants. A nice four-ship picture was shared by Michiel Vogelpoel. Finally the sixth photo (FX81) was taken by Serge Bonfond on June 9th.

BITBURG 12 till 15 June 1981

The Italian 21 Gruppo and Canadian 439 Squadron participated during the TigerMeet held at Bitburg AFB. Aircraft were seen during the openhouse on 13 June. Canadian 439 Squadron won the Silver Tiger Trophee.
Four Belgian Starfighters carried squadron markings from 23 Smaldeel (Devils). The markings include big arrows applied over all the airintakes, big devils-head painted on the both aft section sides and the text "Devils eat more Tigers" which was written on the tiptanks. Soon after (at Bitburg) these markings were painted over by the 31 Smaldeel personnel with black painted on which yellow tiger claw-stripes were applied.
Aircraft seen at Bitburg during this 1981 Tiger Meet were:
439 Squadron: CF-104 104713, 104749, 104761 (TIGER) and 104848. CF-104 104749 was seen flying on 29th of June.
31 Smaldeel: F-104G FX15, FX100 and TF-104G FC04, FC11.
21 Gruppo: F-104S MM6807/53-16, MM6849/53-02 and MM6930/53-04.
Beneath photos of the tiger aircraft taken by Gunter Grondstein at Bitburg AB on June 13th (thanks to Jurgen Knizia). Also some photos of the Italian aircraft thanks to Paul van den Elsaker and Peter Doll.

GUTERSLOH 26 till 31 August 1982

During this TigerMeet also the Italian 21 Gruppo participated with at least two F-104S aircraft, both seen on 26 August 1982. Also the Canadian were there with one TIGER striped CF-104. Other squadrons were present as well.
21 Gruppo: F-104S MM6820/53-03, MM6825/53-20.
439 Squadron: CF-104 104747 (replaced lateron by 104868), 104796 (TIGER), 104824, 104837, 104843.
31 Smaldeel: FX20 and FX99.
Beneath some pictures showing 104824 taxying and the tiger colored CF-104 104796 in the air over Germany (thanks to Peter Doll) and finally pictures of the Belgium FX20 and FX99 (thanks to Jurgen Knizia) and also the Italian delegation.

104796_TWM82_1982104796 CF-104 Tiger_Peter Doll
SOLLINGEN 10 till 16 June 1983

At Sollingen its based 439 Squadron participated during this TigerMeet and this was also the final Tiger Meet the 439 Squadron participated with the CF-104 Starfighter.
439 Squadron aircraft seen flying Tiger missions during this exercise were: CF-104 104706 (TIGER), 104739, 104843 and CF-104D 104636. Next to the Canadians also Italian F-104S Starfighters participated from 21 Gruppo (53 Stormo) at Cameri. Sadly none of these aircraft were identified during that event.
Beneath a photo of the Tiger painted CF-104 serial 104706 on one of the bad weather days during the meet and a patch photo thanks to Eddie Duggan.

LECK 13 till 19 August 1984

The Italian 21 Gruppo participated during the TigerMeet. Aircraft were seen at least on 18 August. Shown picture of the 1984 Leck Tiger Meet patch was provided by Harald Riedel.
21 Gruppo AMI F-104S : MM6825/53-06 and an uncoded aircraft (probably MM6772)
The Canadian 439sq RCAF CF-104s 104638, 104750, 104776, 104790, 104650 all landed August 20th to participated the closing party.

KLEINE BROGEL 1 till 8 July 1985

The Italian 21 Gruppo and Canadian 439 Squadron participated during the TigerMeet. Aircraft were seen at least on 5 July. Interesting to see the Canadians during this episode because 439 Squadron ceased to operate with the CF-104 during late 1984 to convert to the CF-188 Hornet, so most probably they were loaned jets from the remaining Baden units. The picture of the 1985 patch was provided by Harald Riedel.
21 Gruppo AMI : F-104S MM6772/53-20, MM6935/53-16 (as seen below).
439 Squadron RCAF : CF-104 104847 and more.

CAMBRAI 8 till 16 June 1986

The only Starfighters which participated during this TigerMeet episode were the F-104S versions from 21 Gruppo. Only two aircraft could be identified being F-104S MM6810/53-03 and MM6735/53-07, both seen on 15 and 18 June. Beneath a picture of MM6810 code 53-03 while landing at Cambrai (thanks to Peter Doll).

MONTIJO 23 till 30 June 1987

During this TigerMeet also the Italian 21 Gruppo participated with at least three F-104S aircraft which were seen on 28 June.
21 Gruppo: F-104S MM6805/53-10, MM6806/53-14 and MM6881/53-15.

CAMERI 5 till 12 July 1988

During this TigerMeet also the Italian 21 Gruppo participated with a number of F-104S aircraft. At least the TigerMeet was held on 9 and 10 July. One of the F-104S aircraft, MM6825/53-06, received a special Tiger color scheme.
21 Gruppo: F-104S MM6825/53-06(TIGER), MM6805/53-10, MM6702/53-12 (picture beneath) and MM6873/53-14.

UPPER HEYFORD 12 till 17 September 1990

21 Gruppo Starfighters participated during this TigerMeet. There was a special press day on September 14th, 1990. Participating aircraft included Italian F-104S MM6802 53-04 from 21st Gruppo, Cameri AB.

FAIRFORD 17 till 21 July 1991

21 Gruppo Starfighters as well as 192 Filo Starfighters (Turkish Air Force) participated during this TigerMeet which was held during the AirTattoo. Aircraft were seen on the IAT static show on 19 and 20 July.
21 Gruppo: F-104S-ASA MM6764/53-04 (Tiger c/s, picture beneath thanks to Stu Freer), MM6824/53-02
192 Filo: F-104G 7037/9-037 and TF-104G 5911/9-911 (Tiger markings on tail).

ALBECETE 14 May till 22 May 1992

21 Gruppo Starfighters did participate during this TigerMeet.

KLEINE BROGEL 8 till 13 September 1993

The Italian 21 Gruppo participated during the TigerMeet. Aircraft were seen on 11 September.
21 Gruppo: F-104S MM6815/53-11, MM6912/53-03

CAMBRAI 3 till 10 May 1994

The Italian 21 Gruppo participated during the TigerMeet held at Cambrai AB. Seen on 6 and 7th May:
21 Gruppo: F-104S-ASA: MM6816/53-14, MM6848/53-04, MM6878/53-10.

BALIKESIR 22 till 29 May 1995 (mini Tiger Meet)

The Italian 21 Gruppo participated during a mini Tiger Meet held at Balikesir AB. One of the aircraft which was seen was F-104S/ASA MM6939 with code 53-11 see photo beneath taken at the Balikesir flightline during the Tiger Meet static show.

BEJA 21 till 26 May 1996

Italian 21 Gruppo participated during the TigerMeet with also a TIGER colored F-104S-ASA. On 25 and 26 May an open house was held at Beja.
21 Gruppo: F-104S-ASA MM6716/53-21 (TIGER c/s), MM6776/53-10, MM6822/53-11, MM6926/53-14.