My best period in I.A.F. (Col. Claudio Collenz)

This short story we received from Claudio Collenz a Colonel pilot (ret) of the Italian Air Force. The photo shows RF-104G MM6633 code 3-26.

This photo was made during my 2nd period in Villafranca AB, during the period from 1981 till 1988.
My 1st period was from 1971 till 1975, and always I have flown the F-104G.
In between from 1976 till 1981 I was I.P. on the Fiat G-91/T.

This photo remembers me to the period when I flew "Solo Display" for my 132°Sqn. FBA , very nice to remember this, especially for Pilots and Crews, we were one big family!!!
Now time is changing, but I hope for all Pilots here, looking at all photos, we are proud for what we've done, in all weather conditions and everywhere.
Thanks again STARFIGHTER, we'll never forget YOU!!!!

Name: Colonel Pilot(Ret.) Claudio "ICE" COLLENZ


  1. Filippo Culotta

    The brief and interesting history of the col. Claudio Collenz made me go back to the 1956 when in the 154th group of 6 ° Squadron based in Ghedi airport, then equipped with F-84F, was flying a marshal named Collenz, my dear friend with Zordani and Gilardoni also pilots very good; I believe that Claudio could be the son of my old dear friend.
    When the 154 ° group took the F-104G, even I have joined this great family that now, after all this time, still unites us.
    After the wonderful adventure of the “G” lasted ten years, I spent other nine years of my life with the F-104S in the 22 ° group of 51° Squadron based in Istrana.
    I warmly thank this website, now universally recognized, for the opportunity for us to be able to meet in this great family, daughter of a big aircraft that remained in the heart of all of us. (Filippo Culotta)

  2. Gene West

    I was part of a evaluating team DOON. Our job was to fly low level missions to a simulated target..The squadron pilots would take a 100 question bomb comanders exam and do a weapon inspection walk arround. I always enjoyed going to Italy and party with the squadron pilots..


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