22+35 update – by Justin Morgan


F104-G 22-35 update.
We're working tirelessly on our ultimate goal of getting the aircraft back to taxing condition to join our fleet of cold war jets as you see from the picture the paint scheme has been finished wiring is next and a big thanks to Ioannis Mylonas of the hellenic af museum we have some wiring diagrams on the way. also a big thank you to jos and martin at the kleine brogel airmuseum hopefully they will be able to help us with brakes and hydraulic parts of coarse none of this would be possible if not for this fantastic website so thank's Harry keep up the exellent work now for the biggy we are searching for a J79 GE 11A and jet pipe if anyone can help please contact me many thanks! Justin
(email: maxandjuggy@hotmail.com)

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