Squadron Exchanges 1998

June 1998

This month the Hellenic Air Force 342 mira at Tanagra, flying the Mirage F1CG exchanged with the Italian Air Force 18 Gruppo based at Trapani-Birgi AB, flying the F-104S/ASA. It was a two way shifted squadron exchange. First the Starfighters flew to Greece in June and later, early July, the Mirages came to Trapani.

29 June till 6 July 1998

This period the Italian Air Force 22 Gruppo based at Istrana AB, flying the F-104S/ASA exchanged with the German Air Force JG72 (2nd Staffel), based at Hopsten AB and flying the F-4F Phantom. It was a 2 way shifted squadron exchange. First Starfighters flew to Hopsten AB in June and during late September the F-4 Phantoms flew to Italy for their return shift. Four Starfighters flew to Germany being: MM6781/51-14, MM6810/51-11, MM6850/51-12 and commander aircraft MM6940/51-22. Pre-visit took place with nightstop from 1 to 2 April 1998, being MM6804/51-07 and MM6932/51-05. beneath two photos, one showing MM6810 code 51-11 (taken by Harry Prins) and MM6940 code 51-22 taxying (taken by Peter Doll) voth during the press day on July 2nd, 1998.


Late August till 3 September 1998

This year the Danish Air Force 726 Eskadrille, based at Aalborg AB and flying the F-16A, exchanged with the Italian Air Force 10 Gruppo based at Grazzanise AB, flying the F-104S/ASA. It was a one-way exchange. Only the Italian Starfighters visited Denmark being MM6822/9-30, MM6873/9-31, MM6875/9-33 and MM6937/9-42.

November 1998

This month the Turkish Air Force 172 filo flying the F-4E, based at Erhac, exchanged with the Italian Air Force 23 Gruppo based at Cervia AB, flying the F-104S/ASA. It was a 2 way shifted exchange. First the F-4E flew to Cervia, then 23 Gruppo flew to Turkey.

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