Squadron Exchanges 1982

May 1982

This month German Air Force 2./JBG33 based at Buchel, flying the F-104G exchanged with Royal Air Force 208 Squadron based at Honington flying the Buccaneer S.2B. It was a two-way exchange. Participating aircraft at Honington were F-104Gs  21+86 (NB), 21+99 (blue), 22+56 (NB), 25+12 (blue), 25+33 (blue) and TF-104G 28+32 (blue). (RAF aircraft seen at Buchel were among more XX901 Buccaneer S.2B and Hunter T.7a XL591). Pre-exchange took place with TF-104G 27+23 on March 24th, Beneath photos taken by Peter Mühlböck at Honington during the exchange. Also a picture provided by PRO Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 33 showing a 208sq Buccaneer aircraft zapped with a JBG33 badge on its inlet, taken at Buchel? Finally a nice picture taken on May 12th by Peter Foster.

Early May 1982

This year Danish Air Force 726 Eskadrille based at Aalborg, flying the F-104G and CF-104 exchanged with RAF 41 Squadron based at RAF Coltishall, flying the Jaguar GR.1. It is unknown if it was a 2 way shift exchange. At least the Jaguars were seen flying around over Denmark and in May Danish Starfighters were seen at Coltishall. One of the participating F-104s was R-700 seen at Coltishall for a mission on May 6th as can be seen beneath (thanks to Peter Foster). Other pictures beneath show two Jaguars and two Starfighters in formation over the Danish landscape.

May 1982

This month a squadron exchange took place between Italian Air Force 9 Gruppo from Grosseto, flying the F-104S, with the German Air Force WS10 (1st Staffel) based at Jever AB, flying the F and TF-104G. It was probably a 2 way exchange. At least the Germans were seen at Grosseto including F-104G 24+90 and TF-104G 27+06. One existing photo of MM6726 code 4-3 at Jever in 1982 (taken by Peter Doll and seen beneath) could suggest that indeed it was a two way exchange although that F-104S just could have made a visit to discuss the exchange at Jever. Beneath also two other photos which were taken over the Grosseto area thanks to Paolo Medda.

June 1982

This month a squadron exchange took place between Turkish Air Force 6 AJU based at Bandirma AB, Turkey, flying the F-104G or F-5, with the Dutch Air Force 316 Squadron, flying the NF-5, based at Gilze-Rijen AB. It was a one-way exchange. Only a number of NF-5 aircraft flew to Turkey. We are still looking for confirmation if the squadron at Bandirma was flying the F-5 or the F-104G. Who knows more?

1 till 10 June 1982

This month Canadian Air Force 441 Squadron, based at Baden-Sollingen, flying the CF-104, had a Squadron exchange with Royal Air Force 54 Squadron, flying the Jaguar GR.1, based at Coltishall. It is unknown if it was a 1 or 2-way exchange but at least the Canadians came to Britain with eleven (!!!) CF-104’s. Among these aircraft were 104716, 104739, 104749, 104787 and two-seater 104653.

8 till 17 June 1982

This month 335 Mira (Hellenic Air Force), flying the F-104G from Araxos, had a squadron exchange with the Italian Air Force 156 Gruppo (36 Stormo) flying the F-104S Starfighter from Gioia Del Colle, Italy. It is unknown if it was a one or two way exchange but it is very likely that Greek F-104G and TF-104G aircraft flew to Italy that month.

29 June till 8 July 1982

This period a squadron exchange took place between USAFE 78 TFS/81 TFW “Bushmaster” based at Woodbridge AFB, flying the A-10, with the German Air Force JBG31 (2nd Staffel) based at Norvenich AB. It was a shifted 2 way exchange. During the first phase six A-10 aircraft came over to Germany from 8 till 16 June. This later 2nd phase six Starfighters came to the UK. The German Starfighters were all been decorated with specific snake (bushmaster) badges (78 TFS) which had been applied by German personell on the 28th and 29th of June, prior their flight to the UK. Participating aircraft were F-104s 20+39, 20+48, 20+50, 20+75 and 26+24. Also TF-104G 27+35 was seen. Beneath five photos which we received from Peter Mühlböck showing F-104Gs 20+48, 20+50, 20+75 and 26+24 at the airbase from various angles. Note the wonderful applied snake badges. Final photo of TF-104G 27+35 was taken by Helmut Baumann at Woodbridge, also this aircraft was zapped.

29 June till 8 July 1982

The Dutch Air Force 314 Squadron based at Eindhoven AFB, flying the NF-5A exchanged this period with Italian Air Force 10 Gruppo from Grazzanise AB. It was a two-way exchange. There was a pre-visit on April 5th by F-104S MM6802/9-30 and MM6727/9-34. Aircraft during the exchange in Holland were MM6873/9-35, MM6768/9-42, MM6811/9-45, MM6730/9-52. Fokker F-27M Friendships C-7 and C-11 were used for the transport on 29 June 1982 while the Italian performed there return using G-222 aircraft MM62124/46-88 and MM62129/46-29 on 8 July 1982. Photos beneath show 3 of the four aircraft at Eindhoven Air Base. We do not know who photographed these except 9-52 which was taken by Carlo Geurts on July 8th.

6 till 16 July 1982

This month Canadian Air Force 421 Squadron, based at Baden-Sollingen, flying the CF-104, had a squadron exchange with a Royal Danish Air Force Eskadrille 729 based at Karup flying the SAAB Draken. It is unknown if it was a 1 or 2-way exchange but at least four CF-104 flew to Denmark being 104756, 104813, 104815 and 104865.

August 1982

This month a squadron exchange took place between Italian Air Force 23 Gruppo (5 Stormo) from Rimini, flying the F-104S, with the USAFE 512 TFS/86 TFW based at Ramstein. It is unknown if it was a 1 or 2 way exchange but at least the USAFE F-4E Phantoms were seen at Rimini Air Base. Beneath a number of pilots at Rimini (thanks to 512 TFS Dragons)

23 August till 2 September 1982

This period a 1-way squadron exchange took place between the Turkish Air Force 191 Filo (9AJU) based at Balikesir AB, flying the F-104G, with the Dutch Air Force 312 Squadron at Volkel AB flying the F-104G. Only the Dutch Starfighters flew to Turkey and it is unknown why the Turkish 104s did not come to Holland. Dutch Starfighters flying from Balikesir AB were D-8061, D-8063, D-8091, D-8259, D-8331 and TF-104G D-5808. For the return the squadron received support from Fokker F-27M Troopships C-9 and C-12 from 334 Squadron which flew back all personnel and equipment to Volkel Air Base on September 2nd. Interesting detail was that the TF-104G D-5814 (ex Leeuwarden AFB) flew with the 312sq aircraft to Turkey as delivery flight to the Turkish Air Force. (Some believe the participating Turkish squadron was 192 Filo, who can confirm this?).
Photos beneath were taken at Balikesir from different angles when two 104s flew very low fare-well pass over the airbase on the day of the departure.

1 till mid September 1982

This month Italian AF F-104S Starfighters from 22 Gruppo, based at Istrana, exchanged with 350 Squadron at Beauvechain, flying the F-16A. It is unknown if it was a 1 or 2 way exchange but at least the F-104's were seen at Beauvechain.

7 till 16 September 1982

Early September 1982, the Danish Air Force 723 Eskadrille based at Aalborg, flying the F-104, exchanged with RAF 92 Squadron based at Wildenrath AB, flying the Phantom FGR.2. It was a 2 way shifted exchange. On September 14th a special squadron press report was released. Photo beneath was part of the Wildenrath Air Base press release regarding the squadron exchange (Roger Seroo Collection). Sadly the serial of the F-104 is unreadable on this photo.
Aircraft seen at Wildenrath were: R-814, R-855, R-888, RT-667. During the exchange some other Starfighter visited Wildenrath being RT-664 on 13 September and RT-664 together with RT-655 stayed the last night from 15 to 16 September. Transport back to Denmark was arranged by C-130H B-680 (721 Esk).
It's unknown when the Phantoms flew to Aalborg for their shift.

14 till 23 September 1982

This month four Italian AF Starfighters from 155 Gruppo, based at Istrana, exchanged with 17 Squadron at Bruggen flying the Jaguar GR.1 fighter-bomber. The four Starfighters which arrived on 14 September 1982 were: MM6741/51-34, MM6745/51-37, MM6749/51-41 and MM6847/51-46. It was a two-way exchange. The Italian Starfighter didn't fly often. They started their first missions on September 21st and left again to Italy on the 24th. Support was provided during arrival (14th) by C-130 MM62001/46-15 while by two G-222 aircraft (MM62102/46-20 and MM62120/46-90) provided the transport back to Italy on the 23rd.  Beneath a photo taken by Antonio Battan at Istrana during the exhange showing a nice mixed formation.  Information thanks to Hans-Jürgen Breuer.

20 till 27 September 1982

This month Dutch Air Force 306 Squadron, based at Volkel AB, flying the RF-104G, had a squadron exchange with German Navy MFG2 (1st Staffel) based at Eggebek, also operating the RF-104G. It was a 2 way exchange. Four Dutch RF-104G aircraft flew to Germany, being D-8105, D-8107, D-8143, D-8311 and one TF-104G D-5804 and four German RF-104G flew to Holland being 21+22, 21+25, 21+29, 23+22. The Dutch Starfighters in Eggebek received yellow navy anchors zapped on the intakes just behind the Dutch roundels. Pre exchange was on August 10th with two Starfighters 21+17 and 26+57. The photo beneath shows RF-104G 21+22 landing at Volkel on September 23rd. When looking carefully you will notice an other Marine Starfighter just behind this aircraft. (Thanks to the Spotting Group Volkel). Also a group photo is found thanks to 306 squadron.
Read German story about this exchange here: https://flightschwein.wordpress.com/2014/08/16/staffelaustausch-mit-der-306-staffel-aus-volkel/

27 September till 8 October 1982

This period Royal Air Force 12 Squadron, based at Lossiemouth and flying the Buccaneer S.2B, had a 1-way Squadron exchange with a German Navy MFG2 staffel based at Eggebek, flying the F-104G. In total six Starfighters flew to the UK.

4 till 14 October 1982

This month Canadian Air Force 439 Squadron, based at Baden-Sollingen, flying the CF-104, had a squadron exchange with Dutch Air Force 315 Squadron, flying the NF-5, based at Twenthe AB, flying the NF-5. It was a 2-way shifted exchange where first five Dutch NF-5 aircraft flew to Baden on June 7th to stay for ten days (till 15 June). Later that year, on the 4th of October, CF-104's 104735, 104770, 104788, 104839, 104868, 104873, 104893 and CF-104D 104661 arrived at Twenthe for the Canadian part of the exchange. On the 8th of October CF-104D 104661 was replaced by 104636. It is likely that aircraft 104761 flew to Twenthe AB during a pre-exchange on an unknown date. Overall the CF-104s flew 89 missions (99.5 hours). Photos beneath show (from left to right) 104761 with another CF-104 at Twenthe Air Base during the pre-exchange, 104636 moving to the runway. Note the 315 squadron zapp on its tail. Finally a picture showing four participating CF-104s. The shield (given by the Canadians to the Dutch pilots at Sollingen) was photographed by William Gooszen.

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