Squadron Exchanges 1967

10 till 20 April 1967

The Leeuwarden based 322 Squadron had a squadron exchange with the Danish Air Force 723 Eskadrille from Aalborg. It was a 2-way exchange. The Danish squadron flew to Holland with five aircraft being R-345, R-348, R-699, R-753 and R-756. Photos beneath show aircraft R-348 and R-753 arriving at Leeuwarden AB on 10 April 1967. (Photos Gerrit Hiemstra) and also a photo taken from the Danish squadron book regarding the exchange at Aalborg Air Base showing the Dutch pilots. Finally two photos showing R-348 and R-753 taxiing on the airbase thanks to Harm Wondaal.

18 till 27 April 1967

This month there was an exchange between the German RF-104Gs from AG51 at Ingolstadt-Manching and the Danish Air Force RF-84F operating 729 Eskadrille from Karup. It is unknown if the Germans went to Denmark but at least the Danish flew four Thunderflash aircraft to Germany and 6 Danish pilots participated. Also 22 other personnel gave support.

2 till 11 May 1967

This month there was an exchange between the Danish Air Force 726 Eskadrille from Aalborg and RAF 92 Squadron based at Geilenkirchen, Germany, flying the Lightning aircraft. It was a 2 way exchange where six Lightnings flew to Aalborg and an unknown number of Starfighters came to Germany. The Wing Commander of Geilenkirchen flew to Aalborg with a Canberra on the 4th of May and was flown back home as passenger of a Danish TF-104G on the 8th of May. During the event all Lightning pilots had the opportunity to fly as passenger inside the Danish TF-104G.
At Geilenkirchen the Danish Starfighters participated also in the exercise "Roulette" on May 3rd. Below is a picture showing R-346, very likely taken at Aalborg because behind the Lightning also a Canberra can be recognized which could be the aircraft which came to Aalborg with the Geilenkirchen Wing Commander on May 4th.

8 till 15 June 1967

The German Air Force AG52 at Leck flying the RF-104G had a squadron exchange with the French Air Force ER 2/33 from Strasbourg flying the Mirage IIIR. It is not known if the Germans went to France but at least the Mirages visited Germany. Photo beneath shows a formation photo taken during the event (in France or Germany) thanks to Peter Mühlböck from AG52 photoarchives. and this gives an indication that also the Germans flew to France, looking at the French squadron zapps on tails and inlets. If this is true the four participating RF-104G are identified as EB+110, EB+122, EB+124 and EB+246.

13 till 22 June 1967

The Canadian 427 Squadron based at Zweibrucken, flying the CF-104, exchanged with the USAFE 55 TFS/20 TFW at Wethersfield, UK, flying the F-100D Super Sabre. It was a shifted 2 way exchange where the Starfighters flew to the UK. The 2nd part continued in September when the F-100s flew to Zweibrucken in return. In total 12 CF-104 pilots took part in this exchange. Aircraft seen during the event were CF-104s 12801, 12810, 12815, 12870 and CF-104D 12663. (Thanks to Anglia Aeronews magazine). On June 20th, the four CF-104s did an exercise run on one of the Dutch ranges and made a fuel stop at Leeuwarden Air Base (pictures beneath thanks to Harm Wondaal taken during the landing at Leeuwarden Air Base).

26 June till 3 July 1967

This year the German Air Force interceptor squadron JG71 (1st Staffel), based at Wittmundhafen, had a squadron exchange with the USAFE 78 TFS/81 TFW based at Woodbridge flying the F-4C Phantom II.  It was a two-way exchange. Some believe it was in 1968. Who can confirm?

11 till 20 July 1967

This month Canadian Starfighters from 1st Wing (441 Squadron) at Lahr visited Karup, Denmark for a squadron exchange with 729 Eskadrille flying the RF-84F Thunderflash. It was likely a 2way exchange but not yet confirmed. The Canadians lost an aircraft during this exchange. CF-104 12734, crashed after a compressor-stall due to a birdstrike on July 18th. The bird ingested into the engine whilst at low level over the Kattegat, Denmark. The pilot, FlLt. Garry 'Sky' R.S.King ejected safely. He was on a routine recce patrol mission over the Baltic Sea looking for East Bloc shipping coming into the Kattegat when the incident occurred. He was returning to the base, appr. 2 miles off the Danish coast, at 300 feet above the water when he ingested a seagull into the left intake. It ricocheted off the radome into the intake where it knocked off a couple of impeller blades and started a massive FOD compressor-stall in the J79. When he heard the noise of the engine disintegrating behind him, he zoomed and attempted a relight which was unsuccessful. And by this time he'd lost all his excess airspeed and was proceeding down to beneath. He tried a second relight which also failed. He then decided to eject. After he landed into the water he had great problems with releasing the harness and his 'Mea West'. Eventually he was saved by a Danish Sea-King helicopter. Via Aalborg he was brought over to Karup again. It looks like a recce-squadron exchange since the Canadian brought some Vicon pods with the aircraft. Seen during the squadron exchange were at least CF-104s 12734 and 12749 and CF-104D 12655. One of the nice stories during this exchange was the use of the Canadian Line Monitor and Follow Me vehicle by CO S/L Ernie Gardner. He took took this line-monitor powered bike for a turn or two around the Danish mess. Likely to celebrate his 1000 Starfighter hours. He also found out that this bike could not outrun an F-104 on the taxiway.. (Thanks to information and photos beneath, provided by participating CF-104 Starfighter pilot Gary Watson). Left the famous bike, photo of the whole group together during the squadron exchange, Ernie Gardner celebrated 1000 hrs on the 104 in Karup and finally Gary Watson and CF-104D 12655.

17 till 28 July 1967

This year the German Air Force interceptor squadron JG71 (2nd Staffel), based at Wittmundhafen, had a squadron exchange with the French Air Force Escadre de Chasse 2/13 "Alpes", based at Colmar, flying the Mirage IIIE. It was a two-way exchange where also 4 Mirage aircraft visited Wittmundhafen. Beneath pictures released by JG71 during the event. It shows JA+233 with a French Mirage IIIC and also looks like JA+240 was on the other picture (with MB seat already).

25 July  till 3 August 1967

A squadron exchange was organized between the Belgium Air Force 350 Squadron at Beauvechain, operating the F-104G and the Hellenic Air Force 336 Mira, also operating the F-104G. There is not much known about this event but most likely only the Belgium Starfighters flew to Araxos, Greece.

July 1967

This month a squadron exchange took place between AG 51, operating from Manching Air Base and flying the RF-104G, and USAFE 66 TRW (exact TRS unknown), flying the RF-101C, at Upper Heyford. At least the RF-101C aircraft were seen at Manching but it looks like it was a two-way exchange since on the 10th of July 1967 four RF-104Gs and one TF-104G from AG51 visited TWT for a fuelstop... Twenthe makes a nice stop between Manching and Upper Heyford but we are still hoping to find confirmation.
Aircraft seen at Twenthe Air Base at July 10th were RF-104G EA+115, EA+118, EA+104, EA+123, and TF-104G EA+373.

11 till 20 July and 1 till 10 August 1967

An exchange was held between the RCAF 421 and 422 Squadron, based at Baden, flying the CF-104 and the F-4C equipped 91 TFS/81 TFW of the USAFE based at RAF Bentwaters. It was a shifted exchange were the Phantoms visited Germany between 11 and 20 July and the Starfighters going to the UK the following month August 1-10. Aircraft seen at Bentwaters were CF-104s 12735, 12786, 12828, 12874 and CF-104D 12653 (thanks to Anglia Aeronews magazine). The picture shows Pilot Bill Steward being welcomed at Bentwaters by the USAF collegues (Canadian Starfighter Association).

28 July till 3 August 1967

The Canadian 430 Squadron (3 Wing) based at Zweibrucken, flying the CF-104, exchanged with the Italian 154 Gruppo from Ghedi AB, flying the F-104G. It is unknown if this was a 1 or 2 way exchange but at least the Canadians flew to Italy with a number of aircraft including 12709, 12795, 12861 and CF-104D 12660.

Summer and August 1967

Summer 1967 three to four USAFE RF-101 aircraft operated from Lahr for a certain time due to runway maintenance activities in Upper Heyford. So it was some kind of combination of deployment and one-way exchange. They flew a lot of sorties with Canadian CF-104s. Since 441 Squadron reported a squadron exchange with RF-101C aircraft (18 TRS/66 TRW) at Upper Heyford, participation with six Starfighters, it must have been a combination which included a shifted two-way exchange. The Canadians flew to Upper Heyford on 1 August 1967. One of the aircraft seen in Upper Heyford was CF-104 Starfighter serial 12729.

1 till 10 August 1967

This month six (R)F-104G Starfighters from the Twenthe based 306 Squadron (Royal Dutch Air Force) and also two F-27 Friendship aircraft, flew to Bitburg for a squadron exchange with USAFE 22 TFS/36th TFW. In total nine F-4D Phantoms (some where exchanged) from the Bitburg based Americans came over to Twenthe Air Base. Beneath a nice historic photo showing the flightline at Twenthe Air Base during the exchange, thanks to Dick Lohuis.

8 till 17 August 1967

The Belgium Air Force 1 Wing - 349 Squadron operating the F-104G at Beauvechain exchanged this period with the Turkish Air Force 141 Filo, also operating the F-104G, based at Murted. It is unknown if it was a 1 or 2 way exchange but at least the Belgium Starfighters flew to Turkey.

22 August till 1 September 1967

Just as 1966 the German Air Force interceptor squadron JG71 (2nd Staffel) based at Wittmundhafen, exchanged with the F-104s of 723 Eskadrille from Aalborg Air Base, Denmark. This time also the German Starfighters flew to Denmark during this exchange.

Mid September 1967

This month a very interesting squadron exchange toke place between the German JBG33 from Buchel AB and the Tanagra based Starfighters from the 114 Pteriga 335 Mira, Royal Hellenic Air Force. It was a 2-way exchange. One of the participating aircraft in Greece, werknr 8328 and serial DC+231, was lost due to an accident. On September 19th it encountered open-nozzle problems and made an emergency-landing at Corfu airport, Greece. It crashed half into the sea and was written off. Gladly the pilot was safe. It wore still old code DC+231 while already a new serial was assigned being 25+41. (Photo beneath by German Luftwaffe).

14 till 20 September 1967

The Canadian 427 Squadron based at Zweibrucken, flying the CF-104, exchanged with the USAFE 55th TFS/20 TFW at Wethersfield, UK, flying the F-100D Super Sabre. It was a shifted 2 way exchange where the Starfighters flew to the UK mid June 1967. The 2nd part continued in September when the F-100s flew to Zweibrucken. Beneath a picture thanks to Tony Meeks showing a CF-104 vs F-100 pose, taken at Zweibrucken.

Last two weeks of September 1967

This year in total seven Canadian Starfighters from 1st Wing (439 squadron) at Lahr exchanged with Norwegian 717 Skv, based at Rygge. It was a two-way rotation. One of the Norwegian RF-84Fs (52-8729/AZ-I) encountered a mid-air collision near Lahr with a German Bell 47G helicopter (D-HAKE) on September 26th . The Norwegian pilot ejected safely but the helicopter crew died. Canadian CF-104s seen were 12781 and 12850.

10 till 20 October 1967

This month a shifted squadron exchange started between the German Air Force JBG31 (Likely 1st Staffel but not yet confirmed) at Norvenich, flying the F-104G and the Italian Air Force 154 Gruppo from Ghedi AB, flying also the F104G. First in October 1967 (not in November 1968!) the Italians flew to Germany bringing four unidentified aircraft coded 6-08, 6-09, 6-15 and 6-20. Support was flown by a C-119 from Pisa, coded 46-37 bringing 30 personnel. A pre-visit took place on the 3rd of October 1967 by the unidentified Starfighters with codes 6-07 and 6-16. The next shift, with the German flying to Italy took place from 13 till 23 February 1968 (see 1968 page)

7 till 16 November 1967

This year the German Air Force interceptor squadron JG71 (1st Staffel), based at Wittmundhafen, had a squadron exchange with the French Air Force Escadre de Chasse 1/5 "Vendee" and 2/5 "Ile de France", both based at Orange, flying the Mirage IIIC interceptor. It was a two-way exchange.

24 November till 4 December 1967

Norwegian Air Force 331 Skv at Bodo AB exchanged with the USAFE 77 TFS/20 TFW flying the F-100D Super Sabre, based at RAF Wethersfield. It was a 2-way exchange but most probably shifted with the F-100D to Bodo during June. Starfighters seen at Wethersfield were 61-2626/FN-B, 61-2631/FN-H, 61-2632/FN-R and TF-104G 62-12263/FN-M.
(Thanks to Birger Larsen for the Norwegian serials).

Unknown period in 1967

The German Air Force JBG32 (1st Staffel) flying the F-104G and based at Lechfeld AB had a squadron exchange with the USAFE 493 TFS/48 TFW, based at Lakenheath AB, UK flying the F-100D Super Sabre. The Germans flew to the UK but it is unknown if the Americans also visited Lechfeld AB. Photo beneath was taken by Heinz Bieler at Lakenheath Air Base.

Unknown period  in 1967

The Canadian 430 Squadron (3 Wing) based at Zweibrucken exchanged with the Royal Air Force 213 Squadron from Bruggen, flying the Canberra. It is unknown if this was a 1 or 2 way exchange.


C A N C E L L E D     S Q U A D R O N     E X C H A N G E S :
Somewhere 1967 : 311 squadron at Volkel Air Base (F-104G) planned exchange with an unknown squadron in Greece.


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