Squadron Exchanges 1964

7 till 18 September 1964

German Air Force JBG31 (2nd Staffel) flying the F-104G, based at Norvenich, exchanged with the USAFE 92 TFS/81 TFW stationed at Bentwaters, UK, flying McDonnell F-101A and C Voodoos. German personnel already flew to Bentwaters September 6th to prepare the arrival of the F-104s. Sadly the weather was poor so they had to land on another Airbase. The next day they still arrived in time before the Starfighters came in. It was a two-way exchange. Also the Voodoo’s flew to Norvenich AB.


12 till 21  October 1964

German Air Force JBG33 from Buchel AFB, flying the F-104G exchanged with the Italian 154 Gruppo (6th Aerobrigata) based at Ghedi also flying the F-104G. It was a 1 or 2-way exchange but at least the German Starfighters were seen at Ghedi in October. Only 1 aircraft could be identified being werknr 7065/DC+250. During this squadron exchange on October 19th, this German F-104G had to make an emergency landing at Rimini Air Base during a mission. There it made a successful barrier hit which sadly damaged the aircraft. It was repaired soon after. Photos beneath thanks to Nicola Malizia. Lt. Col. (ret.) Peter von Stackelberg  stated: We deployed with 4 „Starfighters“ and 5 pilots from both Staffels of JBG33. During our stay we flew low level  pre-planned training missions which were provided by the Italians at GHEDI. The Italian unit was just in the transition phase and F-104s were not yet available in sufficient numbers. Normally we flew in 2-ship formation, but on 19. Oct. 64 my wingman aborted and I took off solo. South of Assisi I encountered severe problems with the APC System. So I made  an emergency landing at Rimini airbase. It was a heavy weight landing plus 25 kts X-wind on a wet runway with no anti-skid surface.  There was no flying activity at the base at this time. The unit was waiting for their Starfighters. As a result of my mishap, I had to take the barrier. 


22 October till 4 November 1964

Norwegian Air Force 331 Skv at Bodo AB flying the F-104G exchanged with the USAFE 417 TFS/50 TFW, based at Ramstein AB Germany, flying the F-100D Super Sabre. It was a two-way exchange. Seen at Ramstein were F-104G aircraft : 61-2628/FN-D, 62-12234/FN-S, 62-12240/FN-X and TF-104G 62-12264/FN-Z.
(Thanks to Birger Larsen for the Norwegian serials).

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