Private F104 Simulators

Since a Starfighter is almost 17 meters long, it will be difficult for everybody to have your own private Starfighter parked in your home or garden. Some people found the solution by building up a complete cockpit section instead. Surprisingly more and more people are interested. Beneath an overview of all private cockpits which we have discovered sofar. Some can be found in museums, airbases and others with people at home. Listed here cockpits build from old phased out simulators once manufactured by Lockheed or Canadair.. Also some Lockheed mockup front sections can be found here (produced to serve special duties like ejection seat testing or production modification testing). Do you own an original F-104 simulator or have extra information on mockups, which is not mentioned here in this list? Please contact us...

Test-frame cockpit, F-104 two-seater, Netherlands

This cockpit (never operationally used) specifically had been build for ejection seat and canopies testing for the two-seaters by Lockheed. It was shipped to a collector in the Netherlands around October 2013. This owner wants to transform this cockpit into a working simulator. It is built of all the aircraft correct parts.


Canadair flight simulator Belgium Air Force F-104G, USA

The Canadair flight simulator used with 10W at Kleine Brogel and carrying serial FX-1 was sold after phase out to a collector in the Netherlands in 1997. He managed to get lamps etc working again which gives a nice static. He transformed it completely to a Dutch Air Force Starfighter cockpit. All instruments were working again. In April 2017 it was sold to the Flabob museum in Riverside, CA, USA.


Canadair Flight simulator Italian Air Force F-104G, Italy

In Italy a guy managed to get a forward F-104 fuselage of a flight simulator and has parked it inside his garage or big room. He is planning to make it complete again and use it for display purposes. It was first noticed in April 2002 and it has the nose radome of aircraft MM6821. The photos show the flight simulator which is owned by an Italian collector and were taken around April 2002.


Canadair flight simulator Danish Air Force CF-104, Denmark

The Danish Air Force bought a simulator from Canadair in 1964. The simulator was air freighted to Denmark, summer 1964 and was used learning pilots until in 1985/86. Then this cockpit section were given to RDAF historical collection currently displayed at Egeskov Veteran museum (Egeskov Castle). It was first noticed around 1994 and still there today. Photo was taken by Tom Svendsen during his museum visit in May 2008.


Canadair flight simulator Norwegian Air Force CF-104, Norway

The Norwegian Air Force bought the same simulators from Canadair as used in Denmark. They were used from 1964 till 1981. One simulator was preserved inside the Air Museum in Bodo. The simulator carried a very US alike nosecone because the original radome was too long and taking too much space. One of the remaining U2 alike cones was later seen on one of the decoy Starfighters at Bodo and was used for a cold-war movie. The photo was taken by Tom Svendsen inside the Bodo Air Museum during a visit on 5 May 2007.


Canadair flight simulator Canadian CF-104, Canada

The Canadian Starfighter Museum at Winnepeg, Canada (owned by Steve Pajot) got an original CF-104 Operational Flight and Tactics Trainer. This is now statically complete. It can be seen when a visit is arranged with the owner.  Steve stated:  It is actually a Canadair Operational Flight and Tactics Trainer ( OFTT ) which  of course is a flight simulator. Canadair Ltd. actually produced 26 of these trainers six of which were ordered by the RCAF. The others were ordered by countries using the F-104 with NATO. I do not believe that Lockheed made any of them as it was a collaboration between CAE Canada Ltd. ( Canadian Aircraft Electronics ) and Canadair Ltd. of Montreal who were chosen by the RCAF to produce the CF-104 for Canada under license from Lockheed USA. The photo shows the cockpit inside the museum (Steve Pajot)


Canadair flight simulator F-104 at small base museum Grosseto, Italy

This official simulator can be found today in a small base museum at Grosseto Air Base.


Flight simulator German Air Force F-104G, Germany

An old German Air Force flight simulator cockpit can be found today at Berlin Gatow near Museum hangar 7. The photo shows the cockpit at Gatow taken recently by Mark Wassenaar.


Canadair flight simulator Hellenic Air Force F-104G, Greece

Someone in Greece owns a forward fuselage section of an F-104G flight simulator from the Hellenic Air Force. He has build up the cockpit again and keeps the static cockpit at home. It was seen for the first time in March 2002. The photo shows the flight simulator which is owned by an Greece collector and were taken around April 2002. It looks like it need quite a number of hours to be worked on before it looks a nice cockpit section again...


Canadair flight simulator Hellenic Air Force F-104G, Greece

One of the old HAF used F-104 flight simulators can now be found within a certain army museum. We have no idea where exactly this is.

flightsim Greece

Canadair flight simulator Turkish Air Force F-104G, Turkey

One of the old F-104 flight simulators can now be found within the Turkish Air Museum in Istanbul. Photo was taken in June 2008 by Steve Darke.

 Cockpit AFMuseumIstanbul 28Jun08

Canadair flight simulator Belgium Air Force F-104G, Belgium

One of the old Belgium F-104 flight simulators can be found inside a storage at the Technical School, Saffraanberg, Belgium. It is unknown what they plan to do with it. Photo was taken by Mark Wassenaar in March 2010.