Private F-104 Cockpits

Since a Starfighter is almost 17 meters long, it will be difficult for everybody to have your own private Starfighter parked in your home or garden. Some people found the solution by building up a complete cockpit section instead. Surprisingly more and more people are interested. Beneath an overview of all private cockpits which we have discovered sofar. Some can be found in museums, airbases and others with people at home. Listed here cockpits build from old phased out simulators, cockpits made by a cut forward F-104 fuselages and there are also home build frames. Do you have an F-104 cockpit and not mentioned here in this list? Please contact us...
CF-104 serial 104832 (c/n 1132) R-832 RDAF

Danish Air Force R-832 was scrapped early October 2006 in a village called Bjerringbro. A cockpit collector from Norway, Jens Rino Haugen, bought the forward fuselage part and brougth it to Grimstad, Norway where it arrived in November 2006 and where he added later in 2010 a proper canopy glass. In May 2017 the cockpit was sold to another collector and it was transported to a new location at Løvenstad. The photo was taken by Tom Svendsen when it was still in Grimstad,  on 16 March 2008. Inside the ejectionseat from a Saab Draken was been mounted.

F-104G D-8256 (c/n 8256) KLu

At Volkel Air Base a few Starfighters have been used for spareparts while building up the preserved D-8312. One of the victims was D-8256. However they remained the cockpit section and decided to use it for demonstration purposes, like for example during the Dutch Air Force open house in 2007.The photo shows the cockpit being displayed during the open house at Volkel Air Base in June 2007. In 2014 the cockpit was prepared for permanent display inside the Volkel Air Base traditionroom "De Typhoon" as can be seen on the photo taken by Ferry Lotterman in February 2014.

F-104G FX-70 (c/n 9119) BAF

Currently owned since 2019 with a private collector in The Netherlands. From 2013 till 2019 it was found with a collector in Hamburg, Germany. The photo was taken by Wouter Heines at Kessel in October 2009 who also owned the cockpit in early days. The cockpit is now representing MFG F-104G 21+29 as can be seen on the picture taken in 2022.

F-104G serial 62-12238 (c/n 4040) 238 RNorAF

On 17 January 1978 Norwegian Starfighter "238" enountered a landing accident and was withdrawn from use. It continued as instructional airframe from 10 October 1978 at the LTB school at Kjevik.In 1984 it went to a private owner who decided to not want it and the aircraft went to a scrapdealer 40km NE of Oslo in 1985. The aircraft was bought by a large scrapdealer in Hokksund 65 km SE of Oslo in 1985 .Jens Rino Haugen managed to buy the cockpit section for his private collection May 1985 at the scrapdealer in Hokksund. Rest of the aircraft was scrapped there in May/June that year. Jens sold the cockpit in 1989 to the Norwegian Starfighter enthousiast and IFS member Erling Revheim in his hometown Åsane, which is 10 kilometers North East from Bergen, Norway. Also parts have been used from the Starfighter 20+95 (fake serialled "24+76") which was scrapped at scrapdealer North Schrott at Flensburg.

238 cockpit
CF-104 serial 104818 (c/n 1118) 818 RNorAF

The CF-104 serial 104818 has been cut in September 2010 to save the cockpit section (display). The aircraft had sustained a lot of ABDR training damage and was planned to be scrapped at Kjeller. At this location a team of three persons (Jan Kenneth Furulund, Jim Robin Bråten and Juul Furulund) started a project to build a display cockpit section out of the aircraft front fuselage. . From 2018 onwards the result of this project can be found at the Defense Flight Collection at Gardermoen. Photo taken in 2019 thanks to Rinze de Vries.

F-104G serial 20+64 (c/n 2075) GAF

On 22 June 1992 the F-104G 20+64 arrived at Erding and it was assigned to the DFL group for display purposes. In July 1993 it was clear that the group only needed the cockpit since that was the only thing left at Erding. It had been cut from the 20+64. On 13 July 1996 it was seen again on an open house at Roth but it was stored inside a container. It was last noticed during a family day at Koln-Wahn mid August 2007. Later that year it moved into storage at Koblenz. In December 2011 it moved to Nordholz where it is now part of the Aeronauticum collection. In between they have modified the cockpit to make it more compact and also repainted the body. Photo was taken at Nordholz by Tim Jones.

20+64 cockpit
F-104G serial 20+87 (c/n 6604) GAF

The ex AWX Starfighter 20+87 was withdrawn from use mid 70s and was seen till late 70s on the dump at Erding. Subsequently the aircraft was scrapped but the forward fuselage section was saved for DASA. They decided to use it for their travelling exhibition. For this purpose it was seen in Manching for example in 1993 and in Ummendorf in September 1999. it was last noted Eggebek in 2003. In March 2008 people at Manching stated that the cockpit has been given away. They had no idea where it went....The photo show the forward section of 20+87 during one of the exhibitions of DASA. You still can see the "7" of the serial. Photo was taken at Eggebeck in 2003. In between it is officially owned by the Airbus Group Corporate Heritage, stationed at Munich. It is still used as traveling exhibition cockpit. They have refurbished it a bit and the "7" has been gone on it. October 11, 2016 it was transported to Deutsch-Kanadisches Luftwaffenmuseum (German-Canadian Air Force Museum) Baden-Airpark, Söllingen, on loan from Airbus Group Corporate Heritage.

20+87 cockpit
F-104G serial 20+90 (c/n 6607) GAF

German Starfighter 20+90 was one of the many AWX Starfighters which were phased out early 70s due to the replacement by the F-4 Phantom. This particular Starfighter arrived at Erding on 20 February 1975 to be put on storage but soon after it was scrapped. However the forward fuselage section with cockpit was saved and put on display inside the Air Force museum (Deutche Museum) in Munchen (Munich). It was first noted in the late 80s and can still be seen inside the museum today.
The photo shows how the cockpit is used, to demonstrate how the ejection seat works. It has been taken by Mark Wassenaar on 26 September 2006.
Latest news is that it is stored until further notice (already in 2016) and future is very uncertain. The cockpit will not be re-issued in the Deutche Museum.

20+90 cockpit
F-104G serial 21+26 (c/n 6687) GAF

German Navy Starfighter 21+26 was brought over to Fassberg for instructional purposes in 1992 or early 1993. It was used for Battle Damage Repair training and soon after, December 1994, it was declared to be scrapped or sold via VEBEG. Starfighter enthousiast and IFS member Matthias Wessels bought the front part of the aircraft and restored it completely. The rest of the aircraft was scrapped in December 1994. In January 1995 it could be found inside his living room!!! Currently Matthias lives in Gronau, Germany and still owns this cockpit as well as a cockpit of an ex RAF Phantom. The photo was taken at Gronau on 5 November 2006.

21+26 cockpit
F-104G serial 21+83 (c/n 7052) GAF

German Air Force Starfighter 21+83 had been stored for quite some years at Manching. In the summer of 2007 it was noticed for the first time that the cockpit section was the only part left of the aircraft. It can be found inside a glass room in the canteen of the Wilhelm Frankl Kaserne at Neuburg. It is unknown when it arrived at Neuburg and when this cockpit was put on display. The photo was taken at Neuburg in July 2007 by Mark Wassenaar. In between the cockpit can now found at the Air Base Museum "Historische Ausstellung JG 74" last noted in May 2013. The cockpit section of the 21 + 83 is now found at the Military History Collection in Neuburg / Danube. The presentation of the rescue system committee process took place not long ago, after the corresponding display at the Deutsche Museum in Munich was dismantled.

F-104G serial 22+46 (c/n 7124) GAF

On 29 January 1986 Starfighter 22+46 was phased out within the Memmingen based JBG34. It was transferred to LWS11 at Manching and in February 1988 it was withdrawn from use. Soon it was gone and in 1991 the aft fuselage was spotted at Wittmund. On that airbase also the forward fuselage was seen which had been put on display inside the JG71 pilots room. At least this cockpit was seen there in 2003 but now it is gone. We are still wondering what happened to this cockpit. Most likely it ended up with someone working on the airbase at his home. Who knows more?

 no photo yet
F-104G serial 23+01 (c/n 7184) GAF

The F-104G 23+01 has been used for ABDR duty and suffered a lot of damage. Lateron in January 2002 it arrived at the aircraft storage of PS Aero in Baarlo, Holland. Recently the front section has been bought by private collector Thilo Schanz in Westerwald district in Germany. It is now being repaired (skin) and becoming a flight simulator. See latest photo from it showing it wearing the factory code KE+484.

23+01 KE+484 F-104G Waldbrunn 10Mar2017-1_Thilo SchanzX
F-104G serial 24+11 (c/n 8151) GAF

This forward fuselage with cockpit was found inside Museum Flugsicherheit und Rettung e.V. located at Baden Airpark till 2012 when this museum was closed. The cockpit can now be found at the HQ building of the TaktLwG 33 Buchel (former JaboG 33) in the “Brauheck” barracks at Cochem-Brauheck, renamed: Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 33 (TaktLwG 33) Tactical Air Force Wing 33, effective 01. October 2013 and part of the Wehrgeschichtliche Sammlung of TaktLwG 33.
The photo shows the cockpit when it was still at Baden on 4 February 2010. (by Mark Wassenaar)

24+11 cockpit
F-104G serial 24+43 (c/n 8186) GAF

The cockpit of this former decoy at Wittmund is now part of a private collection in Hamburg. We hope to get some photos in the near future.

F-104G serial 24+49 ???? ( c/n 8193 ??? ) GAF

In June 1996 a forward fuselage was seen on display at Neuburg. It was stated that this cockpit belonged to 104 enthousiast and IFS member Josef Voggenreiter. Nobody knew the real identity but within some German Aviation Groups soon it was speculated being from F-104G Starfighter 24+49. That particular aircraft was withdrawn from use in 1991 and was seen as BDRT aircraft for a few years at Bremgarten (till 1992) and at Pferdsfeld (till end 1993). It was never seen anymore since late 1993. This mentioned cockpit section appeared for the first time at the Air Show at Neuburg in June 1996. So this could fit very well. The serial applied on the forward fuselage should represent "22+03" and Josef told that he obtained this section in a very bad shape mid 90s and nothing inside could tell the real identity. Currently the cockpit section can be found as part of the large and very beautiful museum collection of Josef Voggenreiter at his hometown Niederalteich.On 7 June 2008 we did a major inspection of the cockpit but sadly we failed to find any confirming identity. We found a few numbers like 7075 and 6193 but this does not say anything. Who knows more????
The 2nd photo was taken 7th June 2008 inside the nice Gerhard Neumann Museum at Niederalteich, by Harry Prins.

24+49 possible cockpit
F-104G serial 24+55 (c/n 8203) GAF

Starfighter 24+55 ended its career as LETS-1 instructional airframe at Schaarsbergen in Holland and got Dutch Markings. Soon after it went to Leeuwarden Air Base as towing instruction aircraft and after phasing out it went to Woensdrecht being scrapped. The forward section was retained and eventually transferred to Leon Sleegers, in Helvoirt, Holland. He is currently rebuilding this forward section into a full working cockpit.

F-104G serial 24+89 (c/n 8239) GAF

Starfighter 24+89 ended its career at Fassberg and was sold als scrap airframe to Piet Smedts in Baarlo in October 1999. There it was used for parts needed to build up other Starfighters. The forward fuselage area was saved and sold to Leon Sleegers, currently living in Helvoirt, Holland, late 2003, who is busy to create a full active cockpit out of it. The photo, taken by Wouter Heines, shows the cockpit of 24+89 this summer 2008. It can be clearly seen that Leon is very busy with getting this cockpit completed.

24+89 cockpit
F-104G serial 25+07 (c/n 8265) GAF

Starfighter 25+07 has been used for many years as instructional airframe with fake serial "75+00" until its retirement in Jever in 1989. That year it was scrapped but its forward fuselage section was saved. After the aft section was scrapped the cockpit was transported to the OSL at Furstenfeldbruck for display duties. In 2008 and 2009 it could be found stored temporary at Berlin Gatow but in April 2010 it was back in Furstenfeldbruck again on display at the Wehrgeschichtliche Lehr-sammlung (WGLS) der Offizierschule der Luftwaffe (OSLw), Photo shows a wondeful photo of the cockpit section taken by Klaus Kropf on May 21st, 2010 at Furstenfeldbruck.

25+07 cockpit
F-104G serial 25+29 (c/n 8306) GAF

After being phased out Starfighter 25+29 ended at the premises of TSLw3 at Fassberg. It was used as fire-practise airframe. It was last seen at Fassberg in December 1999. In March 2002 it appeared inside the Werningerode Air Museum. However most of the aircraft was gone, only the forward fuselage section was available for display.The photo was taken by Mark Wassenaar inside the museum of Werningerode in 2006. Note on other forward fuselage next to it which is discussed also on this page (25+40)

25+29 cockpit
F-104G serial 25+30 (c/n 8307) GAF

After being stored for a while at Manching Starfighter 25+30 arrived in Hopsten AB on 3 July 1989 for ABDR instructions.
Officially it was scrapped at Hopsten a few years later in July 1992.
In March 1993 the forward fuselage was found back inside the "Traditions Room" at the Air Base squadron premises. In 2005 it was gone and in June 2006 it was found back in the village Buchholz, owned by Uwe Steenweg. It is now part of his aviation collection. The photo was taken by Uwe Steenweg in his garden at Bucholz in November 2007.

No pictures allowed by owner
F-104G serial 25+40 (c/n 8327) GAF

An other forward fuselage / cockpit at Wernigerode Air Museum is retrieved from Starfighter 25+40 which was scrapped after being a ABDR airframe at Fassberg till at least early 2000. The museum has given the cockpit a lof of attention and now it is completely working!! It is meant to show the visitors of the museum how a real cockpit looks like when it is working.. The photo was taken by Mark Wassenaar at the Werningerode Museum in 2006. It is a 100% electrically working cockpit section meant for displaying the cockpit functionality to visitors of the museum.

25+40 cockpit
F-104G serial 26+17 (c/n 9162) GAF

This cockpit was located with a private collector near Moers (German Ruhr area) since august 2008.One photo was taken by Roger Seroo on 5 January 2008 when the cockpit section was in storage somewhere at Niederrhein before being shipped to Germany. Later the cockpit was brought to the Netherlands. Recently it was aquired by a German Starfighter enthousiast. At this moment the cockpit is again in Germany, already with its new owner, who intends to restore it to a simulator with the help of a former senior F-104 mechanic. Picture was taken in May 2021 (Martin Rohland)

F-104G serial 26+20 (c/n 9168) GAF

SABCA build F-104G 26+20 ended its career at Lechfeld as ABDR training airframe and after it was not needed anymore it was scrapped around 1999. In 2003 the forward fuselage section was found back in Augsburg.
It was owned by Kai Sporhaze who has added this cockpit to his aviation collection and working on it.
It is located within the EADS premises. Sadly we do not have any photos of this cockpit yet.

 no photo yet
F-104G serial 26+25 (c/n 9177) GAF

An other aircraft suffering damage due to ABDR training was F-104G 26+25.
Also with the aircraft the forward fuselage was cut and saved for display duties.
Late 90s the aircraft was scrapped at Diepholz where it was used for ABDR training and 3 meter of the forward fuselage was saved. It was transported to a new owner in Kurten, near Koln. In 2000 it moved to Neugablonz, near Kaufbeuren and was cut to 1,8 meter length.
From that moment on it was owned by Thomas Michel who spend a lot of hours to get back in a very good shape. Currently it has serial "JA+234" as AWX cockpit, already since November 2005.
The photo of the cockpit was received from Thomas Michel.

26+25 cockpit
F-104G Unknown id, Tegernbach, Germany

In June 2008 an F-104 cockpit was found inside the Gerhard Neumann Museum at Niederalteich. The owner (Josef Voggenreiter) stated that basically most of the cockpit came from Lechfeld and some parts he added by handcrafting some parts. Inside the section nothing was found which could point towards a certain 104 Starfighter. Does someone know more about this cockpit?. This photo of the ex-Lechfeld cockpit was taken inside the Gerhard Neumann museum in Niederalteich on 7 June 2008.
Mid 2014 this cockpit was transferred to a new owner (Hans Mittermier) living in Tegernbach.

TF-104G serial 27+26 (c/n 5727) GAF

On 10 August 1984 two-seat Starfighter 27+26 run off the runway at homebase Memmingen and was declared written-off. The only pilot Hptm Hans Joachim Zabler ejected safely. In the mid-eighties the aircraft went to Leipheim lateron to become a gateguard. After Leipheim closed the aircraft was transported back to Memmingen around 1991. It started a career as BDRT instructional airframe and was severly damaged. In November 1997 the aircraft was brought over to a scrapdealer in Memmingen. A company in Tubingen got the airframe (or what was left of it) that same month and cut the forward fuselage probably because they were ordered to. Soon after this part was transported back to Memmingen Air Base where it can be found preserved. Last noted 11 July 2005.The photo shows the TF-104G with actually only 1 seat left. at Memmingen where it is used for display purposes. It was taken by Michael Schneider around March 2006.

27+26 cockpit
TF-104G serial 28+01 (c/n 5931) GAF

On 26 April 1989 Starfighter 28+01 crashed after it suffered problems with its undercarriage during touch and go training at home-base Manching. Both pilots OTL Reiner Karlstedt and Hptm Michael Reinhold ejected safely but were slightly injured. Lateron the frontsection of the aircraft (including cockpit) was brought over to the Gatow museum for display purposes where it was first noted preserved late August 1997 and last noted in 2001. Today it has been repainted to represent a Luke AFB 69 TFTS Starfighter cockpit inside a Luke AFB rememberance corner inside the museum as shown on the hoto taken by Roger Seroo on 26 July 2007

28+01 cockpit
TF-104G 28+17 MBB test cockpit for testing Martin Baker Ejection Seats.

Where did it come from and where is it now?This forward fuselage was modified for high speed zero-zero level ejectionseat testing by Martin Baker company in the UK late 60s. The MB company stated: The fuselage came from Germany. It went back to Germany right after the testing had been completed. The company carried out 4 x 600kt twin seat tests to demonstrate the canopy jettison worked at high speed. Luckily it all worked and Martin Baker received the contract to retrofit the German aircraft. The latest news is that this forward section came almost sure from TF-104G 28+17. Still today we don't know where it is now and if it still excists.

28+17 cockpit Martin Baker
F-104J serial 36-8536 (c/n 3036) JASDF

The forward fuselage with cockpit of this Starfighter could be found preserved at Cafe Lake Sanaruko, Hikojo, Hamamatsu Shi, Japan within a collection of other aircraft cockpits and parts till 16 June 2020. Then it was transported to a new location at Seto City, Aichi Perf.

F-104J serial 36-8538 (c/n 3038) JASDF

A cockpit of this Starfighter can be found inside the Aviation Reference Hall at Nyutabaru AFB. It was seen inside the collection for the first time in 2003 and can still be found today.The photo was found on the internet. The photo was taken in 2007.

36-8538 cockpit
F-104J serial 46-8604 (c/n 3104) JASDF

The forward fuselage with cockpit of this Starfighter could be found preserved for a long time at Cafe Lake Sanaruko, Hikojo, Hamamatsu Shi, Japan within a collection of other aircraft cockpits and parts. In between it was sold two times and currently it is preserved with a new owner (since arrival 28 April 2021) at Kuushuu, Japan. (Picture shows the front section at Cafe Lake Sanaruko).

F-104J serial 46-8617 (c/n 3117) JASDF

The forward fuselage with cockpit of this Starfighter could be found preserved as "517" at Cafe Bar Chimoto, Lake Sanaruko, Hikojo, Hamamatsu Shi, Japan within a collection of other aircraft cockpits and parts. In between (around 2020?) it has been removed and gone.

F-104DJ serial 36-5011 (c/n 5411) JASDF

The forward fuselage with cockpit of this two-seat Starfighter could be found for many years preserved as German Air Force “EA+471″ at the Coffee Shop Avion at Yokohama city. Nowadays it is in Japanese metal color scheme coded “011″ again displayed, at a private residence, 600 m from Touso Park, Suhara Town (Suharachou), Seto City, Aichi Prefecture. Photographer unknown (found on www).

F-104S/ASA-M serial MM6714/9-51 (c/n 1014) AMI

While the last operational Starfighters in Italy flew their last missions, aircraft MM6714 had already been withdrawn from use and was waiting for its future at the dump of its last operational homebase Grosseto. In October 2004 it was transported to Grazzanise and it was parked on the CFE flightline. On 9 December 2005 it was officially declared CFE-wfu and that same month it was cut-up and partly scrapped. The forward fuselage was saved and brought over to the Italian air museum in Vigna Di Valle where it arrived later that month. It can still be found preserved today. It is interesting to see that the fuselage received code "9-51" which replaced the original code "4-11". Its CFE plate came from aircraft MM6741. The photo shows the cockpit section with serial "9-51" on a frame which was taken at Vigna Di Valle, on 11 December 2005.

MM6714 cockpit
F-104S/ASA-M serial MM6762/RS-06 (c/n 1062) AMI

This aircraft flew with RSV until the end of the F-104 operations in Italy. On 21 May 2007 it was officially declared CFE-wfu and stayed at the Grazzanise wfu flightline for many years, at least until end 2010. Later on it was cut and front section went to a private collector in Milano, Italy. First noticed in May/June 2013. Nowadays it can be found stored at Piacenza (old ex-155 gruppo hangar) and will be prepared for future display on open days and special events. A radome with pitot tube are present as well with the cockpit. It was ready with new fresh paint and code RS-06 in November 2022.

F-104S/ASA serial MM6774/9-46 (c/n 1074) AMI

Early 2011 the cockpit section of what should be MM6774 was seen as a private collectors item inside the garden at a house on the island of Ischia (near Naples, Italy). In 2022 the serial was changed from "9-51" into "9-46".

Photo thanks to Maurizio di Oto

F-104S/ASA serial MM6820/51-07 (c/n 1120) AMI

F-104S-ASA (c/n 1120) MM6820 "51-07" , Italian Air Force, is currently preserved on the roof of the Gigole Clothing store in the via Marco Biagi at Chairavalle.
It has tail-section from MM6821 and nose-section from MM6785.
The Starfighter has been cut just behind the cockpit and this makes it possible to display the cockpit section inside the building and the rest of the Starfighter on the roof.
It looks like it just flew into the building.
The photo was taken by Otger van der Kooij during his visit on 23 August 2008.

MM6820 cockpit
F-104S/ASA serial MM6833/5-22 (c/n 1133) AMI

The front section of F-104S-ASA (c/n 1133) MM6833 "5-22" , Italian Air Force, is currently preserved on the front  of the new 4 stars Hotel Al Plan at San Vigilio di Marebbe close Plan de Corones, Val Pusteria, Italy. Installation was performed 29th December 2020. In 2022 the tail section from MM6808 was also mounted on the other side of the hotel.

F-104S/ASAM serial MM6???/4-59 (c/n 1281) AMI

The cockpit of this F-104 has been saved from being scrapped and found with a private collector rebuilding it. It is not F-104S/ASA MM6881.

F-104S/ASAM serial MM6945 (ex RS-06) now 9-99 red AMI

In January 2009 a special F-104 cockpit has been revealed at dell’Istituto Scienze Militari Aeronautiche, located at Firenze. The cockpit section is from an unidentified aircraft and painted into the famous red 9-99 colors. It is not coming from the real 9-99 which can still be found at Grazzanise AB. The cockpit was revealed by commander of the institute Brig General Settimo Caputo. It is interesting to notice that the Pratica project refuelling probe has been added to the cockpit. The photo was taken by Guido Di Cresce on 22 December 2015 at L'Accademia Aeronautica at Pozzuoli. Normally this travelling exhibit cockpit section can be found preserved/stored at Grazzanise.

F-104S/ASA serial MM6???/53-04 (c/n 1???) AMI

In September 2010 this cockpit was seen on display inside the AMI stand during the annual Balloons Festival in Ferrara, Italy. Some people mentioned that this was once aircraft MM6800 but that is not possible since that aircraft is preserved at Ceprano!!!!The photo was taken at Ferrara by Ad Vercruijsse on September, 23rd. 2010.

MM unknown cockpit 53-04
TF-104G-M serial MM54260 AMI

On January 17th, the virtual 102Gruppo (Flight Simulation group in Italy), based at San Giustino, received the TF-104G-M body MM54260 from the AMI (Grazzanize Air Base) to serve as a flight simulation realistic body. It departed Grazzanise the day before. It is the body without wings and tail.
Lots of ex Rimini 102gr pilots are member of this 102 virtual group and want to us Skunk Sim software to connect to the avionics as a challenging project.
For more information see: http://102virtual.orgPhoto from 102 gruppo virtual.

MM54260 cockpit