Preserved F-104 (553 found)

F-104s preserved all over the world for us and our future generation.

To keep the memory of the F-104 Starfighter alive a few hundred of them have been put on display all over the world.
Since we often receive questions about where to find these, we have created this page and included coordinates for most of them.

We are constantly looking for most recent photographs to keep the site as up to date as possible.
So if you have any interesting photo of a preserved Starfighter please share it with us and sent it to our email address!!
Some published photos are from unknown sources, when you believe you are the person who took that photo please contact us immediately!!

Our goal is to keep these pages as up to date as possible but of course aircraft will be removed, or will be added or even transferred to other locations.
Please help us with your information to meet our goal.

Choose beneath a Flag to find all preserved Starfighters in that particular country.

Note: On purpose we have NOT listed the flyworthy aircraft, instructional aircraft and decoys as well as the preserved cockpits.
For the flyworthy aircraft please check here, for the preserved cockpits please check here.

The International F-104 Society is also involved in identifying preserved Starfighters in Italy. Information on these activities can be found here:

To check the preserved Starfighters in the world please also visit the nice website of Hubert Peitzmeier with all preserved Starfighters on this page here.

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