Own build F-104 Cockpits

Since a Starfighter is almost 17 meters long, it will be difficult for everybody to have your own private Starfighter parked in your home or garden. Some people found the solution by building up a complete cockpit section instead. Surprisingly more and more people are interested. Beneath an overview of all private cockpits which we have discovered sofar which are in fact self made ones, NOT created around official front fuselages.. Do you have an F-104 cockpit build around a self made framework or body, and not mentioned here in this list? Please contact us...
Michael Schneider, Germany

Michael is member of the group which preserves and restores former German Air Force fighter aircraft at former Airbase Memmingen.
At home he once started a self-made cockpit section of an F-104G.
The frame is made by himself but all the panels and components are 100% original F-104.
The photo shows the cockpit of Michael and was taken in November 2009.


Buckhard Fiebig, Germany

Buckhard has been collecting all kind of avionics and avionics parts of Starfighters to build up a complete cockpit.
The photo shows Buckhard Fiebig in his Starfighter room showing his own build cockpit.
All instruments should be working now. Photo is obtained from Buckhard and obtained via Ton vd Zeeuw.

Unknown, Germany

Someone in Germany build up an F-104G cockpit at his home and build some kind of cockpit construction around the framework.
It was first noticed in April 2002.
The photo shows this cockpit.
Who knows the owner??

Werner Türk, Germany

Werner Türk collected Starfighter cockpit instruments and more for lots of years.
In between he had build a nice cockpit frame and is still busy getting it more complete.
It is now owned by his son Mathias and can be found somewhere in the area of Erndtebrück, Germany.
Inside the cockpit a reference could be found towards F-104G 24+94 (ex scrapped Fassberg).

Luca Golinelli, Modena, italy

Luca has realized an F/RF-104G cockpit himself which has been finished in summer 2012. Many parts came from the old Italian F-104G MM6524 code 3-46 and for that reason he added that serial on the outside.  Last year Luca organized a meeting with
some others Italian cockpit’s owners which was a nice event.

golinelli cockpit
Aviation Collector, Hengelo, Netherlands

In Hengelo some build a private self-made cockpit. A real front and main canopy has been added giving it a real look.


no photo yet
Aviation history room, Chitose Air Base, Japan.

Inside the hall a cockpit frame has been put on display containing panels retrieved from F-104J 76-8689.
It is unknown if these panels have been just taken out of that aircraft (preserved at Chitose) or that this aircraft has been scrapped recently.
(Photo found on internet)