The Ultimate Canadair Starfighter book is available!

It has taken many years of research, analyzing, re-working, writing, testing with printing, but this summer our IFS member Bob McIntyre finished his masterpiece. The book he always wanted to create and now it is available. Just email Bob for more information, orders and details about shipping etc. More information can be found further beneath.
As many of us know, Bob has been wondering around Montreal (Canadair location) from the early sixties to assure he could make pictures of any produced Starfighter for the Canadian Air Force but also for Allied nations like Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Spain and Taiwan. So aside lots of interesting information also many of these Montreal taken pictures can be found inside this super edition to Canadian Aviation history (342 pages hardcover book).

ISBN : 978-1738681310



  1. Derek Hamilton

    Hi Bob,

    I have two other CF-104 books and this looks like a great third book. Any pictures of RCAF Cold Lake Alberta? Served there from 1963 to 1966 working on the flight line. Fond memories of my time there.

  2. Bob McIntyre

    Hi Derick, Yes, there are several photos from Cold Lake.
    Please contact me at


    If you are interested.


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