TF-104G D-5805 paint removed


The TF-104G D-5805 paint removal activities have been finalized last week and the aircraft arrived back at the Edmonton museum last thursday June 20th. Now the team can start the rest of the restoration. The aircraft will be assembled, polished and when ready it will receive its final markings and serials (12651, 417sq OCU Cold Lake). Photo tanks to Tom Hinderks from the museum team.

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  1. Thomas Hinderks

    Quick update and a plea for some help

    The Starfighter wings, horizontal, tip tanks, underwing tanks and nose are being painter as we speak back to the 1980 Cold Lake colours.

    Parts should start returning lake this week and early next week.

    Final fuselage polishing will be completed by this Sunday (July 7th)

    But we could use a little help

    All colours have been confirmed and we have all the information on the 1980 markings except (2)

    Would anyone have the dimensions of the 417 Squadron emblems on the air intakes and the Cold Lake flash at the top of the Vertical stabilizer.

    Thank you


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