Spanish AF looks for old F-104


The officers at Torrejon Air Base are currently trying to find a way to get back one of their old MAP F-104Gs from Greece.

At this moment the most suitable candidate will be the F-104G 63-13643, still in storage at Agrinio and complete.
The plan is to obtain the aircraft, get it over to Spain and add it (in its old Spanish livery) to the preserved aircraft area on the airbase.
At this moment there is 1 Starfighter preserved in Spain but actually this is an old German aircraft, partly painted in Spanish colors and markings.
The Air Base wants to have a Starfighter which really was operational at Torrejon back in the 60s.

We really hope the team will succeed and looking forward to any news!!!

Note: the photo shows the specific F-104G 63-13643 in storage in Greece at this moment.

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