RT-654 moved to Værløse

At this moment TF-104G RT-654 can be found as part of the new established Værløse Flyhistoriske Hangar organisation.
It arrived by road-transport from Hjallerup on October 21st, 2020 (as seen by picture taken by Martin Nielsen further beneath) and was shown during the open house held last Easter although the wings mounting covering plates were missing.
One of the restoration team members stated today: We are going to restore RT-654 during the summer and hope to have a very good looking plane in 2021.
The RT-654 is complete - only a few wires has been cut - and we hope to be able to present a plane to the public in the same condition as it was when taken out of service in 1984.
To complete RT-654 we have to find a drop fuel tank - think it's a left tank that we are missing - we got 2 right (starboard) tanks - Will have to check - so if someone has some spare drop tanks please send us a mail - flyvaerloese@gmail.com

Note: The Hangar team also have an old F-16A and Saab Draken in their collection.

Thanks to Egon Johansen, Martin Nielsen and Torben Brødholt for their information and photographs.

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  1. Alexander Pohl

    Dear Sirs and Madams

    I saved some NOS Starfighter Parts. They want to scrap em. So I bought them. But I did not need all the Parts. I am looking more for F-4F Stuff.

    Did you know somebody who is looking for Spare Parts? Can you help me? In 14Days is coming the next Charge of Parts. I could not transport all Stuff with my Volkswagen.

    With best Regards

    Alexander Pohl


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