New preserved F-104 at Grazzanise


Today the Italian Air Force has revealed a nicely restored and painted F-104S/ASA-M Starfighter at Grazzanise which will be used as permanent exhibition aircraft.

Its identity is unknown but hopefully we will find out more later.

It is coded "9-90" which is pointing to the 9th Stormo and 90 years anniversary of the Italian Air Force.

The relation with Enzo Ferrari and the famous Major Francesco Baracca is clearly seen on the aircraft showing a combination of the famous horse and the Ferrari red paint.

(Photo Italian Air Force, via www)

NOTE: Some mentioned this aircraft being MM6762 but the cockpit section of MM6762 (RS-06) was cut off and is now preserved with a private collector in Italy. It looks like the tailsection might have been belonging to MM6762 which causes the wrong identification.


  1. Harry Luijkx

    MM6762 (cn 783-1062)

    1. Harry Prins Post author

      Hello Harry, it is still not confirmed to be MM6762..


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