English release of book by former F-104 pilot Rolf Stünkel

Early this year a re-print in English language has been released from the well-known and wonderful book "Mach 2 Meine Jahre im Cockpit des Starfighters", written by former German Navy F-104 pilot Rolf Stünkel. Inside this book, Rolf Stünkel takes us back to his training days and cold-war flying duty over the Baltic Sea - a touching journey through time with a self-critical look at the past and present. It is a real must for the F-104 freak with interest in the period the F-104 was the operational backbone with the NATO forces in Europe but also world-wide.

The book contains 248 pages including a number of interesting black-and-white + color photos and illustrations.
ISBN 978-3-347-13032-6
Available within every professional (aviation) book store.

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    I had the pleasure to observe a F104G parked adjacent to the runway at Zweibrucken AFB, Germany in1975.


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