MM6833 cockpit preserved at Hotel

Back in 2019 or early 2020 the F-104S fuselage of MM6833 was cut at or after it was retrieved from the Bentivoglio, Rome scrapyard and brought over to the new build hotel at San Vigilio di Marebbe, close to Val Pusteria, Italy. It has not yet been confirmed 100% but this is almost sure the MM6833 front section. On the front of the nose a 23 gruppo badge has been applied and it can be found inside the hotel inside a special aeronautica room.
This 4-stars hotel called Al Plan, is build in a museum style way with cars, bikes and this mentioned F-104 frontsection. The F-104 nosesection was mounted on December 29th back in 2020 as can be seen inside a video on Youtube:  https://youtu.be/NGPW-gGcCNg

Pictures were provided by Harold van Eupen when he noticed this F-104 nose during his wintersport vacation in December last year.



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  1. Pete Clukey

    Something to put on our “places to visit” list for sure! Maybe even stay a night in the Frecce Tricolori room: https://www.alplan.it/en.html


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