MM6821 now in Vietnam color style.

The F-104S/ASA MM6821 flew for the last time with 102 Gruppo before it was withdrawn from use at Rimini late ninetees, wearing serial "5-16".
On April 3rd, 2001 it was transported to Cervia Air Base where it was put into the storage compound. In 2003 it appeared suddenly, with other Starfighters, at the Bentivoglio scrapyard near Rome. The aircraft was noted with the tail section from aircraft MM6807 and the nose section/radome from aircraft MM6922.  Later that year it was seen preserved at Gambini SRL at Cavalcaselle. In September 2014 it was offered for sale for appr. 23000 euro. Probably it was sold to someone in Spain because in 2007 it arrived at Barcelona, Spain, and found stored on the ground at Sant Peredels Arquells. In between we received information that the aircraft has been refurbished and repainted into an F-104C Vietnam camouflage style and put on display.
We have no exact date when the aircraft has been mounted with these colors.

Picture, which was taken on November 11th, 2023, showing the aircraft with the new paint, was shared to us by Ramon Jordi.

Beneath pictures of this aircraft after arrival on the current location, and when it could be found preserved at Cavalcaselle:

MM6821_5-16_Stored_Barcelona_2019_ConradMiquelAntichX MM6821


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