MM6812 taken down

On May 27th, 2024 the F-104S/ASA MM6812 was found on its belly at Guidonia, by Alessandro Lisi,  waiting for his future destination. It looks like it has been taken down for a new paint job.
We will see what will happen in the near future but it looks like it will stay on this location and will be installed back on its pedestal after refurbishment. Let's hope so!

This F-104 flew its final missions early 2000 at Grazzanise as "9-41" and was withdrawn from use with 4226 flying hours. At Grazzanise it was put in storage and soon after in 2001 it was prepared for display duties receiving serial "53-21". On January 23rd, 2001 it was seen preserved on a pole at Roma-Guidonia for the first time, and have been preserved till this month.

Picture thanks to Alessandro Lisi.

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