MM6758 moved from road to museum building

The F-104S/ASA MM6758 (with the tail from aircraft MM6744 and nose-section from aircraft MM6788) could be found for a number of years in a small garden along a road not far from Valle Sponda, East of Lecco (Lago di Como), Northern Italy. It was owned by Silvano Bettineschi who also owns a small army museum at his home location.
Summer 2022 this aircraft was taken away from that location along the road and brought over to the small museum building and currently being cleaned and likely refurbished.  The Museum is called "Museo Storico Militare Lombardia Ricorda.
Attached picture was provided by the owner and shared thanks to David Weinrich.

Beneath picture shows the aircraft when it was still found along the road in March 2013 : 



  1. Otger

    The museum and F-104 are at Schilpario (N46.01780, E10.19818)

    1. Harry Prins Post author

      Thanks Otger, I hope to visit this museum one day.


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