MM6750 repainted again at Istrana.

On Thursday, February 23rd this year (2023) there was a special spottersday at Istrana Air Base.
Star of the static show was F-104S/ASA MM6750 which showed again a 3 Stormo livery just as it did from 2007 till around early 2018.
It is quite interesting to see that the aircraft received back this scheme after it was painted early 2018 into a anniverary color scheme during the celebration festivities at Istrana showing a 23 Gruppo yellow black color scheme on one side and a grey 22 Gruppo celebration scheme on the other side.

Picture thanks to Ivan Turniano, taken at Istrana today, March 10th.

Beneath the schemes worn from top to bottom, as 3-32 on April 4th, 2017 and then the celebration schemes on May 11th, 2018 (thanks to Giancarlo Gastaldi).



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