MM6599 repainted

The MM6599 is probably the most repainted Starfighter in Italy sofar. After it was withdrawn from use as 3-34 (28 gruppo) on March 22nd, 1993 (with 3341 airframe flying hours) it was moved to Cameri. There the aircraft, of course, was transformed into a Cameri Starfighter receiving code 53-21 for the open house mid June that year. After that the aircraft stayed at Cameri as a preserved aircraft.

In September 1995 the aircraft was transported to the museum at Vigna di Valle for display duties until 2006 when it returned to Cameri.

Because the paint had been worn out due to the impact of the weather it was decided to repaint the aircraft and they choose a historic color scheme in pure metal with black serials. So the aircraft got serial 21-02 (sad to say that these markings combination has never been used in the 60s!!) and it was seen for the first time on display in December that year. Soon after the aircraft was moved to the Villaggio Azzurro at Veveri, 4km South West of Cameri and put on display. In 2019 it was decided to repaint the aircraft into a real Cameri color scheme again and on the spot a team finished this in September 2019.

Now it carries code 53-01 on a standard AMI camouflage scheme.

Photos thanks to Riccardo Niccoli, Leonardo Ferrazzi and Aldo Bidini for sharing photos of the aircraft.

Seen here at Cameri in 2007 (Riccardo Niccoli)
Here MM6599 as 21-02, on September 11th, 2015. (Aldo Bidini) 
Above MM6599 being repainted in September 2019 (Leonardo Ferrazzi)
Almost finished in September 2019 (Leonardo Ferrazzi)


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