McEntire F-104C refurbished and ready

This year 2022 a team of the 169th Maintenance Squadron at McEntire Air Base have spent a lot of hours in restoring and refurbishing the F-104C, preserved on a pole since mid-seventies. Due to the weather influences of the passed many years the aircraft looked very poor so the team decided that it was really time to restore it.
The process started around early July and finished in August which was quite a performance.

The aircraft,which arrived at McEntire Air Base on August 4th, 1975, is the F-104C 57-920, sadly wearing the wrong serial "60920".

Pictures, taken on July 15th, July 28th and August 12th where shared thanks to the 169th Maintenance Squadron / Air National Guard photo by Airman 1st Class Amy Rangel.

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