LtCol. Harald Hartman Dahlmann story

Last week we got an interesting email from Kevin Mack about a video he produced on the career of ex German F-104 pilot Harald Hartman Dahlmann.
He stated:

A very close and good friend of mine who's name is Harald Hartman Dahlmann was an F104G pilot who was in the first group to train in the USA. I am making and have just completed and posted on YouTube episode 1 in 3 parts a tribute to his career of which the first episode cavers his training period in the USA. I notice that his name is not found on the list here and maybe this can be corrected. I am sure that Harald who is now 78 and in good health would like to pass on his very best regards to those colleagues of his who he served with and may remember him. You can see the first of the videos at this link below.

I shall be continuing with the next episodes which will cover his time during the Cold War and then his time when he served in the US Air Force flying the F105 Thunderchief in Vietnam. After that he went on to Lufthansa, Qatar and Singapore Airlines which you can see the trailer at this link.

So stay tuned!


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