FX15 waiting for a new pole

We got some latest news on F-104G FX-15 (c/n 9034) , currently in storage at the 1 Wing Historical Centre at Beauvechain Air Base, thanks to Baudouin LERUITTE, a volunteer at this Historical Centre in Belgium. It arrived from Military control center at Glons-Tongeren in May 2011 where it was preserved on a pole for some years.
In between the centre is waiting for the approval of a new structure + pole to have this F-104G mounted again for display.
In December 2019 the aircraft was completely cleaned and the volunteers were glad to see that the paint was still in a very good shape!.

Photo thanks to Baudouin LERUITTE.

Beneath a photo when it was still found at Glons-Tongeren many years ago in 2006 (by Mark Wassenaar).

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  1. Theo Rombout

    As I see tanks on this picture, I dare to ask:

    The “Historical Fighters Volkel” workgroup is eager to obtain tip- and droptanks for their aircraft, F-104G D-8114..

    Who can help us out?


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