F-104D 57-1322 will be scrapped soon

Last week , February 28th, a tornado moved along the Wright Patterson AFB and damaged the museum overhaul hangar. In front of that hangar also some aircraft were damaged on the platform.
It was stated that these aircraft on the platform were planned to be scrapped soon after parts had been taken from them (cannibalized).
One of the aircraft was F-104D 57-1322 of which the wings had been taken off to use on the restored F-104A 56-754 which had heavily corroded wings which needed to be replaced.
That 57-1322 will be scrapped soon by the Logistics Department was new information for us. We assume the aircraft is in a very bad condition and so not worth to plan any form of restoration.

Thanks to James Zazas here a link to the press-conference at the Air Base after the Tornado had hit the Air Base.

Beneath some pictures taken by Wright Patterson AFB base photo department.



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