F-104C 56-936 remounted on pole

56-936 - Sep 2019_JeffreyNashX

A few years ago we already reported the planned restoration of F-104C 56-936 at the Peterson Air and Space Museum on Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They had this former USAF F-104C preserved on a pole representing an F-104A with fake serial "56-808" and would like to change it back to its original identity when it was dismantled for planned overhaul and restoration. We provided the team with a lot of photos and information to help them transforming the aircraft to how it looked like in Udorn Thailand when serving 435 TFS in 1966/67.
After a small delay the managed to restaurate the aircraft completely and it was mounted back on the pole this autumn.
On the photo (taken in September by Jeffrey Nash) it is clear that the aircraft representation needs some corrections which have been advised by us already to the museum curator.
(Information thanks to Jeffrey Nash)

Photo taken in the passed when it showed the fake F-104A 56-808 identity. (photo by Gary Verver)




  1. Michael Vivian

    Thanks so much Harry ‘Tis always a pleasure getting your email. Wonderful photos !

  2. Larry Horn (SSgt)

    Hi Harry
    Good to see this old warhorse again. I would take some exception to the underbelly color and the lack of paint on the nose cone and the rudder trim colors were yellow on a blue background. These were applied in Thailand in July or August of 1966 shortly after the Sam detection equipment was installed if memory serves.
    I spent many an hour on this particular bird at George and perhaps at Danang before she was camouflaged prior to deploying to Thailand in July 66 with the 435th TFS.
    SSgt Larry Horn


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