D-8282 almost going…


We already mentioned the transfer of the Dutch Air Force F-104G D-8282 to Spain.
In the meantime we received more information from the Dutch Air Force / MLM:

At this moment the MLM waits for the final approval regarding the current negotiations with the Spanish FPAC ( Fundació Parc Aeronàutica de Catalunya). It is expected that this will not take long and then the D-8282 will be transported to Spain as soon as possible. The Starfighter will be a wonderfull addition to their nice collection including a Hispano Aviacion HA-220, F-4 Phantom, T-33, F-86 Sabre and an old Polikarpov I-153. After arrival a number of trainee engineers will start a project on restoring the F-104 completely. The organisation is also used as some kind of training school. It is not sure which registration and markings the Starfighter will receive. More information about the FPAC can be found here: http://fpac-flyingheritage.blogspot.com

So it is clear that this F-104 deal has no relation to the intention of a group of people at Torrejon Air Base to achieve an old ex Spanish Air Force F-104 back to Spain, as we mentioned as a possibility in our report on January 4th.




  1. Frans Lelieveld

    Vraagje; weet je iets meer over de initiatieven op Torrejon, Spanje, mbt. het restaureren van een F 104. Las daar iets over geruime tijd geleden. Weet je eventueel een POC? Zou makkelijk zijn. Indien negatief, waag ik er een belletje aan
    Mogelijk zeer binnenkort weer wat nieuws over de 8282

    Frans Lelieveld

    1. Harry Prins Post author

      At this moment nothing is known about the status.
      I will ask around.

      1. Anonymous

        I have recently found the D-8282 on Main Support Base Woensdrecht. It looks like a wreck. I guess it never got transported to spain after all…


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