D-8212 found on its new location

24+63 F-104G D-8212 Firma Krausz Logistik Bad Wildungen, near Fritzlar 08May2019-1_SteffenVoigtXZ

Earlier this month we mentioned that F-104G (c/n 8212) 24+63, ex German Air Force, left Baarlo, Netherlands on April 27th. In between we found it back as preserved at the premises of the new owner, thanks to Steffen Voigt. It is located at Bad Wildungen/Wega, Germany, on display on a metal block with Krausz, logistic company (Krausz, Lagern & Logistik GmbH), Ederstrasse 3.
The photo was taken by Steffen on May 8th.


  1. Ingo M.

    Has been sold and is not longer on this place since April, 2020

    1. Harry Prins Post author

      Hello Ingo, Thanks for your interesting comment, do you know more about where it went to?? Thanks again!!
      Harry Prins
      Int.F-104 Society (chairman)

  2. Reik

    It is in Willingen-Usseln at „Curiosum“ now.
    Stil on top if the blue container


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