D-5805 arrives this week at Edmonton


Yesterday (tuesday March 26th) the Alberta Aviation Museum in Edmonton, Canada would receive the long expected ex Dutch Air Force TF-104G
D-5805, being delivered in two containers.
The aircraft will be restored into an ex Cold Lake CF-104D in bare metal look, and revealed at the end of this year (planned).

Due to some delays with customs this tuesday the aircraft is now expected to arrive today (wednesday March 27th) or tomorrow.

(Photo by Rob Dragt was taken on 28 January 2010 when it was transported from the war museum in Best to the Dutch Air Force storage area in Soesterberg.)


  1. Tom Hinderks

    Just a short update on our Starfighter

    The 104 tail is now stripped to bare metal and the fuselage is in at the
    contractor having the same process completed.

    Prior to being sent for stripping D5805’s original markings and colours
    were photo documented in detail exterior and interior for our archives.

    The cockpit is under refurbishment as are some minor repairs to the tip
    tanks…both being done by our volunteers.

    Once the fuselage is back the tail will be installed and it will be

    While the polishing is being done the wings will be painted (white on top,
    gray on bottom), the horizontal tail will have some minor repairs done and
    it will be painted (RCAF red top and bottom) and finally the tip tanks will
    be painted (RCAF red)

    After final assembly the cockpit will be assembled and the markings

    Dutch Starfighter D5805 will have transformed to Canadian Armed Forces
    Starfighter 104651 as flown in 1980 at Cold Lake Alberta.

    “651” was lost in 1980 during a low level strike training mission NE of Cold
    Lake. Several Pelicans were ingested at VERY low altitude and the crew had
    to pop up and eject.

    The pilot in Command, Rick Wall, is hoping to join us for the roll out later
    this summer. (targeting July)

    As part of the project a special exhibit is being created on the
    Starfighter. Showing it’s Dutch service, the history of “651” and the story
    of the Canadian Starfighters.

    Rick Wall has donated several items for the exhibit when combined with
    others donated and some form our archives it should be a great exhibit.

    A special thanks to all those that have sent information and photos,
    greatly appreciated and will be going into archives to preserve the
    history of this Starfighter

    Tom Hinderks
    Alberta Aviation Museum

  2. Frits Nulle.

    I have already sent my story about the D-5805 ,I tell joy about the story with this aircraft as crew chief on airbase Twenthe the Netherlands,it will be ferry interest for me thank you very much greetings from Frits Nulle the Netherlands.


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