CF-104D N104 (Mark Sherman) sold!!

Good news from the US!!!
In November last year the KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence in Canada has purchased CF-104 N104 from Mark Sherman who had it for sale for quite some years.
A team lead by D'Arcy Barker (Chief Engineer, Heritage Maintenance, KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence) retrieved the aircraft from Phoenix that same month in November.
Mid December the aircraft arrived safely in Ephrata Washington where it awaited all the cross-border paper work and regulation checks.
It took quite some time and effort but today (January, 4th, 2023) all lights became green to bring the aircraft to its final home in Canada.

We will let you know more about the future plan on a later stage.

www.KFAero.ca / www.kfcentre.ca

Picture beneath (taken in November and December 2022) were provided by D'Arcy Barker.



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