CF-104D Memorial plans for Captain Wally Niemi by sister Nicki

We would like to inform you about a great project initiated by Nicki Niemi Cammack, sister of ex CF-104 pilot Wally Niemi.
Please read her story with a link to her website beneath:
My thanks to Colin Kunkel , who gave his enthusiastic approval for me to make this post.
Some of you have heard rumours already, but now everything is OFFICIAL, now that the work has been done to get things confirmed and online stuff is all set up. It has all taken a few months, but -
The Wally Niemi Memorial Starfighter Project is launched!
A few months ago I was contacted with the offer to purchase a CF-104 Starfighter to be placed in my brother Wally Niemi's memory in our home town area, Birsay, Saskatchewan. What a rare, unheard of and exciting opportunity!!
Most or many of you know that Wally was a fighter pilot who was killed Jan. 11, 1989 in the crash of his CF-18 Hornet at CFB Cold Lake. Before Canada got the Hornets, he flew Starfighters both at Cold Lake and in Germany. This aircraft that we are being offered is actually one that Wally flew a few times, according to his flight log - serial # 104644. So it is even more personal.
This Starfighter is being offered for the very reasonable price of $53,000 USD. We (Wally's surviving family and extended family) have now started a fundraising drive.
This aircraft will be a great asset to our home area the Municipality will enjoy the distinction of showcasing a true military icon that very few communities get a chance to have. It will be even more special because a home-grown son actually flew it.
Here is a direct link to the website RememberingWally that Wally's son Nick set up previously, and he added the new page Starfighter 644. The introduction page sets out the basics, including a link to GoFundMe for credit card donations, in addition to other ways to donate.
At the bottom of that intro page is a link to download my five page letter which goes into more history and detail for you.
Please feel free to share this link with anyone you feel would be interested. Not everyone has Facebook or is online, so any assistance you can lend will be appreciated! And if you have any thoughts or questions, you are welcome to contact me by message or email. Thank you for your support!
Let's bring our Starfighter home!

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  1. Nicki Niemi Cammack

    Thank you very much for sharing my post from the CF-104 Facebook page! I am sure that there are a lot of people out there who have a connection and memories of my brother Wally especially from his years in Europe 1982-1986 with 421 and then 441 squadron.
    I am excited about this memorial Starfighter project, and it will be exciting if I am able to hear from people who knew him or knew of him.
    Thanks again!

    Nicki Niemi Cammack


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