CF-104 12703 restoration completed!


The Canadian Starfighter Museum is pleased to announce the completion of RCAF CF-104 Starfighter #12703 on June 30, 2018.
The aircraft will be "Rolled Out" at a grand ceremony at the museum hangar in St. Andrews Airport, Manitoba, CANADA on July 12, 2018 to coincide with the original "Roll Out" at the Canadair Ltd. Plant in Cartierville, Quebec, CANADA on July 12, 1961.
CF-104 #12703 is the centre piece and crown jewel of the Canadian Starfighter Museum which is dedicated to educating the public about Canada's involvement with NATO and its role in helping to maintain world peace during the Cold War Era. Another photo can be found beneath (click on it to enlarge).

Steve Pajot, July 6th, 2018.

104703_as12703 Photo_KarenDouglas

More information can be found on the museum website: http://www.canadianstarfightermuseum.ca/



  1. Theo Baciu

    Congratiulations from Germany, former CFB-Baden-Soellingen with the German-Canadian Air-Force Museum.
    What a beauty this aircraft is. We were blessed to see it in full action with the different squdrons in Baden and all over Germany with the German Luftwaffe.
    Theo Baciu

  2. Al Thores Dr

    It was a pleasure and privilege to attend the unveiling bringing back memories of over 60 years ago. Steve Pajot and his group did a superb job on the aircraft. He has requested contributions to allow the purchase of wingtip tanks and thy plane does not seem complete without them. They were always present at Cold Lake where I flew in the second seat as a medic ( later flight surgeon.)
    Already two generations have no knowledge of the Cold War, far less the RCAF contribution to victory in WW2, or of the critical role NATO starfighters played in the subsequent Cold War. The engineering, pilot skills, medical and human factor challenges of aircraft, particularly the starfighter, outlined in”The story of a starfighter mission” by Brigadier General Partington, were enormous and were overcome at a price we should honour (39 dead and twice as many badly injured in crashes and ejections).
    It is also little known that they played a vital part in the human conquest of space: two Canadian starfighters flying to over 100 thousand feet altitude in 1965; and the staff of former IAM, Toronto, under Group Captain Hay, making a signifigant contribution to space flight by investigating and sharing with NASA the physiology and necessary protective measures for space flight. Canada has continued to contribute a great deal to this.


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