Bare metal F-104G for Exponat in Einbeck

On May 26th a big truck could be seen driving through Einbeck, moments later unloading a real bare metal F-104G Starfighter at the adventure museum PS-RAM in the city. This museum is famous for its spectacular exhibits from the world of cars and motorcycles. Now a new, spectacular one has been added - but this time one from aviation: a real F-104 Starfighter.
The original combat aircraft positioned in front of the PS storage facility will be the outstanding exhibit in the new special exhibition “Tempo. Tempo! Tempo?”, which will be shown in Einbeck for six months from June 9th. It's about the history of speed.

The "Gerhard Neumann Museum" owned by Josef Voggenreiter has loaned the Starfighter to the PS store in Einbeck for the next few months. The transport of the silver-colored Starfighter, which weighs more than six tons, went smoothly without any difficulties, says PS Speicher spokesman Stephan Richter. The 600 kilometers to Einbeck were covered within a day. When preparing the exhibition, the Starfighter Museum came about more by chance on the internet.

The show in the PS store will even feature a second Starfighter. However, not complete, just the cockpit section, but with a pilot doll. So every visitor can see up close how close the Starfighter pilots were in the single-seater fighter plane.

The special exhibition “Tempo. Tempo! Tempo? A History of Speed” from June 9th is a cooperation between the Kunstmuseum Schloss Derneburg, the Landesmuseum Hannover and the PS Speicher. Each museum interprets the topic from its own perspective: the Landesmuseum Hannover from a cultural and natural history point of view, Derneburg Castle from the perspective of contemporary artists, and the PS Speicher illuminates the technical side of the hunt for speed.

The access road was a real bottleneck when delivering the Starfighter to the PS storage site. When the low-loader with the 16-meter-long aircraft on the loading area reverses into the driveway to the PS storage facility under the curious eyes of two dozen observers, it gets tight – too tight: A pane of safety glass at the entrance to the vintage car museum shatters.
The actual unloading of the legendary starfighter, on the other hand, runs smoothly and could be completed with the heavy-duty crane within a few minutes after good preparation. The original combat aircraft positioned in front of the PS store will be the eye-catcher of the new special exhibition “Tempo. Tempo! pace?”

"It went perfectly," says Josef Voggenreiter with satisfaction as he and his employees from the Starfighter Museum in Bavaria only mount the Starfighter wings with a wingspan of 6.68 meters to the fuselage.

At the start of the exhibition in Einbeck on Friday, June 9th at 7 p.m. in the PS Speicher there will be a round of talks with guests who will exchange views on the subject of speed. Starfighter pilot Bodo von Garmissen from Einbeck, the former head of development at Bugatti Engineering, Gregor Gries, dragster pilot and team boss at Wild Weasel Dragracing, Lars Kofer, and Sascha Fillies, exhibition manager of the PS Speicher, will also be there.

Thanks to Frank Bertram for the report.


IFS: This F-104G Starfighter is still a big mystery for everbody. We have studied the internal fuselage and analysed different possibilities but still have not any concrete clue.
See more about this mystery here: https://www.i-f-s.nl/f-104-miscellaneous/f-104-mysteries/

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