Aircraft 50-01 reborn.

In Folgaria (Trento, Italy) an F-104S could be found preserved since May 4th, 2017. This aircraft, MM6781, came from Montegiorgio, Piane where it had been put on display since 2006 with unit code "5-31" and a tail from another unknown F-104S. A while back members of the GAVS at Trento decided to start a big restoration at Trento and came up with the idea to give the aircraft back its original identity from the start of its operational life, code "50-01". This same code was applied indeed in May 1972 after the aircraft was delivered by FIAT to Piacenza, when 155 gruppo was stationed there.The aircraft looks really wonderful now and has been located inside a new build hangar at "Base Tuono" as can be seen on the nice picture taken by Ennio Varani which was taken August 15th.

MM6781 code 50-01, early 70s at Piacenza (Photo : Riccardo Vestuto).
MM6781_BaseTuonoFolgaria_aug18X MM6781 being prepared in August 2018 by the GAVS restoration team (Photo: Fabio Castelvetri)
MM6781 MM6781 seen here perserved at Montegiorgio a number of years ago (Photo: Michiel Vogelpoel)

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