104703 restoration progressing..

We received some latest information regarding the restoration on 104703 at the Canadian Starfighter Museum from Steve Pajot.
The team has restored the main landing gear and wheel wells and are now moving on to the nose gear assembly.
The picture shows the L/H  main landing  gear after complete restoration, just looking brand new and 100% operational again.
This winter will be the time to  overhaul the nose gear and restore the nose wheel well area. In the Spring the team plans on finishing the outer skin aluminum polishing and start on the wing assemblies.
They are waiting for a drag chute door that was purchased from Germany in order to get the tail assembly completed but there appears to be problems with shipping it to Canada.
Next to that they have been quite lucky so far with most of the parts they have required and the restoration has gone along with only very few problems.
Interested people can view the progress on website at www.canadianstarfightermuseum.ca

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