55-2967 restoration ongoing

After the YF-104A 55-2967 was withdrawn from active use it became a monument at the Air Force Museum in Colorado Springs where it arrived in 1967. After sitting there as a proud memory to the mighty century-series it was taken away in 2003 and transferred to Pueblo (also Colorado) to be added to the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum collection. In May 2012 it was repainted due to the bad state and brought back to the museum in June that year. However the museum realized the status of the aircraft and decided to start a big restoration which started in 2021. At this moment the team is performing a great job and we hope that the aircraft will be restored and repainted as it appeared in the sixties before retirement. The International F-104 Society is offering assistance for this purpose.

Pictures were taken by Timothy Fox at Pueblo on January 20th, 2022.



  1. Joe Musso

    We are very proud to be doing this restoration. We are working with VERY little information as there are no pictures of our plane, 552967, that we can find.
    We are taking her down to bare metal and building her back up to standards. Additionally, we are trying to put an authentic cockpit back into it. If anyone has any instruments or anything cockpit related that you would be willing to donate to the cause it would be greatly appreciated! Even if it’s not 104, it might give us “tradebait” that we can use to trade someone else who might have the part. Thanks! -Joe Musso

  2. Joe Musso

    I would love to send pictures on this website, but don’t see how to load them. I did post them on the International 104 Society Facebook page.

  3. Joe Musso

    Just an update on our continuing restoration of 552977. We have gotten all the instruments built up for the cockpit, and we’re getting ready to start cleaning the body up for the primer application while working on the seat and the gunsight (which if anyone has any info on the a models gunsight it would be helpful so we could verify the sight placement on it)
    Work continues!


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