24+73 restored at Erding


News from Southern Germany, thanks to Hubert Peitzmeier and Torsten Praulich (Photos).

The F-104G Starfighter "24+73" has been preserved at Erding Air Base on a pole since the 70s after having finalized a wonderful career as the RF-104G-1 prototype "EB+121" in the USA.
Since that moment it was repainted again in 1982 (as "80+58"), in 1996 (as "24+73") and 2009 finally it was taken off its pole again.
Due to the quality of the paint and technical structure of the aircraft it was completely restored from bare-metal.
They applied a high quality glossy paint and markings and a special art colored tailsection.

It is on its pole again to be guarding the base for hopefully many years to come and still as "24+73" although sadly the digits are a bit smaller then originally used.

Photos tanks to: Torsten Praulich.



  1. Mike Vivian

    Beautiful, Just beautiful. OK, Lots of work, I can see– But well worth the effort.

  2. Stephen Margeson

    My father was a technical representative with General Electric, which manufactured the J-79 engines for the F-104. I lived in the housing area from 1962-1964.


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