24+46 sold and moved to Holland


We received news that a guy in the Netherlands has bought the F-104G 24+46 for sale in Germany (Moers area). It should have been sold in July and planned to be transported to Teuge airfield soon. There it will be restored inside a hangar and transformed into a former Dutch Air Force D-8060 interceptor from Leeuwarden Air Base as it was in the 60s, in light grey livery and with AIM9 sidewinder launcher rails. We hope to get more information soon about this project. The photo shows the aircraft when it was still operational with JBG34 (thanks to Peter Doll).


  1. Rolf Ferch

    If you like some more information about the 24+46 with photos you can visit my skydrive-post. Got these photos from the seller when the aircraft was still sheltered in Moers. The F-104 G was used as “Battle Damage Repair aircraft” and has several patches to the cell, but luckily without much actual damage to inflict. It was standing only half a year outdoors and then until today sheltered in a workshop. The cockpit is largely complete with instruments. But the owner wanted to pull out the ejection seat. Also the avionics is right lush with radar, all on-board computer, the LEADS-system, El-70, etc.! Accessories as external tank, nozzle and last NB stage rotor part makes an Illusion of a built-in engine. In the past the owner offered also an reconnaissance pod, Radom, LN-3 platform and different Elo Units. In addition he has still a cormoran and Side-Winder, as a dummy of course. The aircraft is not airworthy. The sheltered place of the aircraft is Krefeld Moers. My photo link: http://sdrv.ms/16LCf0e

  2. Jurgen

    Noticed this airframe this evening on a truck.
    Was driving north on the A50 highway, just south of the junction with the A1.
    So I guess it was heading for Teuge. which is only a few minutes further up the road.

  3. Richard

    Monday 26 august 2013 I saw F-104G 24+46 on a lowloader. Is was on the A50-highway in The Netherlands, between knooppunt Valburg and knooppunt Grijsoord, and moving in northern direction at around 17:45 LT. So it might have been on it’s way to Teuge airfield.

  4. Jeffrey

    Nice pictures Rolf, it still looks remarkably complete…!
    Any idea what the asking price was approximately?

  5. Harry Prins Post author

    Aircraft can be found now inside the Skydeck hangar at Teuge Airfield. Soon the project team will release official information.

  6. Wijgert IJlst

    Where did it come from in Germany?

  7. Steve Gillespie

    1968 to 1969 crew chief on Col Balls bird Sgt Steve Gillespie

  8. Detlef Kestermann

    Habe 1977 drei Flüge mit der 2446 in Memmingen (JaboG 34) absolviert.


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