23+76 at Winterberg Museum for sale


The F-104G 23+76 with fake serial "22+90" has been offered for sale (along with lots of F-104 parts, MIG21 etc... at the museum at Winterberg.
More can be found at website http://www.ebay.de/itm/Flugzeug-F104-Original-/330931711229?pt=Flugzeuge_Teile&hash=item4d0d112cfd


  1. Harry Prins Post author

    The seller has withdrawn the aircraft from sale on June 2nd, due to unknown reason. Likely the bids were too low or in between someone has made an agreement with the museum for a takeover.
    Int. F-104 Society.

  2. Harry Prins Post author

    The aircraft is still for sale but privately negotiable. So when interested please visit the museum website and contact the owners. See also the for sale page on this website.


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