22+07 sold to EADS


At last the EADS wish came true...

In 2005 EADS had the option to buy the 22+07 from the German Air Force but that was cancelled by US authorities (due to US arms embargo).
It was put in storage in a hangar at Manching, together with TF-104G 27+08, and locked until the moment that the embargo would end.
This was the case in 2013 and mid 2013 it was finally sold to EADS. There are plans to remove all the paint and to transform it back to the aircraft as it was delivered to the German Luftwaffe in the 60's including code KE+377.
We cannot wait to see the result and also the shape the aircraft will be in (technical and electronical).
We will keep you updated!

Note : see also Hubert website 22+07 history page: http://www.916-starfighter.de/Large/2207.htm

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