20+08 preserved on new location

This week we were notified that the famous F-104G 20+08 had been repainted and erected on a pole last year on a different location at Manching Air Base.

It stood at the main guard station for WTD 61 from 6 April 1995 until autumn 2019 and then had to move as part of the new construction of one of the buildings at the Air Base.
After a complete restoration it was time for the aircraft to find a new location on the Air Base. This happened on September 13, 2022.
The Air Base revealed : After landing in Manching almost exactly 60 years ago on September 18, 1962, the F-104 20+08 was able to complete its last “flight” on the crane hook for the time being.
She then had her real last flight on April 7, 1989, before she was posted in 1995 as a gate guard at the main station of WTD 61.
There it had to make way for the new InstZ11 building and was stored in front of materials management for the last few years. Now she can shine again.

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