104756 awaiting unsure future

The CF-104 104756 code 8-756 could be found for many years at the Underwater Defense Command (SAS) at the coast near Riva.
This year plans have been made to replace the aircraft by a more modern F-4 Phantom aircraft.
In April this year ex F-104 pilot (General-Major) İrfan Sarp, who flew the CF-104 at Diyarbakir during his final year of operational 104 pilot, made a visit to the location.
He heard about the replacement plans and because he lives in Riva he decided to visit the aircraft and investigate the plans.
He advised to keep the Starfighter preserved next to the F-4 Phantom but this was not as they planned.
When İrfan Sarp published his findings head of the Pendik Nuri Demirağ Vocational Technical Anatolian High School contacted the Command at Riva checking the possibilities to take over the Starfighter as an instructional airframe for their technical courses.

We hope this request will be answered positively to avoid another Starfighter being scrapped.

(Picture shows İrfan Sarp in front of the CF-104 104756)

Thanks to Tolga Ozbek (tolgaozbek.com)

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  1. John Ducharme

    I know that the Jet Aircraft Museum in London Ontario Canada would be more than interested in obtaining for their display. Would have to know what condition it is in in order to purchase and transport.


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