104731 moved to Victoria Airport, Columbia, Canada. (update!!)

In August last year we already mentioned the planned move of the CF-104 104731 from Comox to Victoria Airport. See our news post : https://www.i-f-s.nl/news/104731-moved-to-columbia-aircraft-museum/

Yesterday, July 6th, the move took place and the aircraft was brought over to the British Columbia Air Museum at Victoria Air Port by road transport. This aircraft, retired in 1984, spent some time at Mountain View (storage) until the aircraft was officially withdrawn from use (struck of charge) on March 2nd, 1990. Soon after it was seen preserved at North Bay and a number of years later it could be found (at least in 1997) at the Museum Park at Comox (see beneath).


The aircraft was preserved outside and the camouflage paint had been damaged severely so the museum decided to repaint it in 2014. They chose to give it the 417 sq celebration color scheme once applied on aircraft 104763 which was applied in July 2014. In between this paint has been damaged again already after 9 years standing outside.

For more information about the transport see this video:

VIDEO: Comox says farewell to the ‘fastest aircraft that ever served in the Canadian Forces’

Latest update : February 2024 the team has completely sanded the aircraft and restored into full bare metal. Also the inlets have been restored, fixed and resprayed (inlet cone area). Picture thanks to Jack Funk!

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