104658 on its way to California

In Markham, Ontario in Canada, at the old airport, an aircraft museum could be found for many years.
It belonged to pilot Allan Rubin who collected first aircraft parts and later on more and more real aircraft were added to his collection. One of these aircraft was an ex Turkish Air Force CF-104D Starfighter with serial 104658/8-658. This aircraft had been in storage at Diyarbakir, Turkey for some years before it was transported via containers to Canada, leaving Turkey on November 30th, 2000 by air-transport. On December 1st it arrived at Markham and it was assembled again on December 6th. Although the aircraft also flew in Canadian Air Force colors from the early sixties till 1986, it kept the Turkish Air Force livery.

Sadly Allan Rubin passed away on May 18, 2020, at the age of 81 which also meant the end of the aircraft museum. Soon after the aircraft were offered for sale and many already left Markham.

The Turkish CF-104D was obtained by Steve Alex and this month it was picked up from the old museum. Between November 8th till the 13th the aircraft was dismantled for transport. On November 14th it was loaded on a truck for its new destination.  It traveled by truck to Compton California. It is now in a complete static display restoration phase. Once it is finished it will be displayed in front of a brand new aviation high school being built on Edwards Air Force Base, California, for all of the students to admire and enjoy.



Pictures and information thanks to Steve Alex.

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    Hello there , my name is Peter Valentino ad Was wondering if you would be interested in selling your aircraft . Thanks


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