104644 progressing (updates)

Last week we got the latest update from the 104644 restoration team by Lindsay Tremethick.

At this point the tail is mounted on the aircraft again, and both front/rear canopy are now fitted, (the forward canopy required quite a trim, the rear one not so much).
The main undercarriage has been cleaned and sprayed, (paint hides a lot), the wheels cleaned up quite well & new tires have been mounted. The tire black look quite a treat.
The air frame itself is an ongoing polishing battle, not overly exciting and seeing progress is very slow only the rear under-carriage door has been finally polished to check out the look covered by paper now. We have started stripping the wings and associated pieces and doing some mock aligning of wing fillets which don't match every hole! We will check the wing fit possibly in the new year before they go for the white paint. 

Picture and report by: Lindsay Tremethick

Update 21 December 2023: The wings have been mounted. (Lindsay Tremethick)


Update 4 January 2024: Busy with fing fillets and a request (Lindsay Tremethick)

Both canopies are now properly fitted and all coverings removed.  Allan had been working on the wing fillets, which hasn't been an easy task.
We test fitted the nose and mocked the anti glare paint. We are now looking for the dimensions on the angle of attack vane. Who can help?
Picture beneath was taken on December 31st.

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