104644 progress in Australia

This weekend we got some news from Australia regarding the CF-104D 104644 at Albury.
The aircraft, part of the nice collection of Allan Arthur is being build up a totally restored after it was bought from Steve Alex in Bangor, Maine USA.
In between the progress has slowed a bit, plodding along only on Sundays!
All silver paint has been removed including all markings and most of the airframe & vertical stabiliser have had an inital polish although now somewhat covered in dust.
The canopy release mechanism is functional although the rear canopy requires adjustment to sit nicely on port side and allow use the external canopy lever. The forward canopy is still to be fitted and pinned in position.


  1. Derek Hamilton

    I helped pilots strap into 644 many times at Cold Lake, Alberta 6 Strike-Recce OTU.

  2. Chris

    An F-104 in Australia? Super cool!


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