Italian Preserved Starfighter puzzle

All around Italy and beyond, Starfighters can be found preserved or on display with most of the time unknown identity.
Most of the aircraft have been build up by a preservation team at Grazzanise by using old wfu aircraft.
Because the team was not interested in keeping original identities and mixed up also CFE-plates on aircraft it became quite a puzzle which aircraft went where...
By intensive investigations and even checking the inside of aircraft some have been identified correctly... others are still a mystery.
This page is meant to give status information of preserved Italian Starfighters by location which have still not been identified 100%.
Please help us by getting this puzzle more and more complete!!!!


Brindisi, Italy

Aircraft, on a pole as "9-51".

This F-104 can be found wearing code “9-51” at the premises of the Avio Aero factory at least since 2008. We try to find out more about its identity. This could be MM6701 which was seen in a shelter at Grazzanise in July 2006, completely restored and ready to be transported from display somewhere.
Eurodemobbed : unknown.
Spottingmode : unknown.
CFE plate :


Erbe Verona near Ferrari club, Italy

Aircraft, on a pole as "51-03" and "51-07".

Its identity was treid to confirm in August 2008. It is not the sometimes mentioned MM6776, that one is 100% confirmed now preserved at Caselle (Alenia). Some believe it might be MM6914 which could be possible and also fits after its disappearance since 2006. We still need confirmation.
Eurodemobbed : MM6776
Spottingmode : MM6776
CFE plate :


Grazzanise gateguard, Italy

Aircraft, on pole as "9-90".

Preserved on a pole at Grazzanise in red as “9-90” to celebrate 90 years Italian Air Force in since 18 December 2013. Who knows its real identity? (It is not MM6762).
Eurodemobbed : unknown.
Spottingmode : unknown.
CFE plate :


Palermo, Universita degli studi  Dipartemento di Ingegneria Strutturale, Aerospaziale e Geotecnica (DISAG), Italy

Aircraft, on metal structure, uncoded.

Preserved on the premises of the university of Palermo without squadron markings. First noted 5 October 2008 on the premises. Since 21 October 2010 it is put on a metal framework. Last noted in May 2022. The MM6714 should be the Nose Section at Vigna di Valle according experts although that cockpit section has CFE plate 6741. There is a link between both.
Eurodemobbed : MM6714
Spottingmode : MM6714
CFE plate : MM6714


Piacenza, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy

Aircraft, on pole, now stored, as “MM6737 / RS-01”

It was preserved on a pole at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore at Piacenza since April 2010. Some believe it carries the CFE plate from MM6733 but it has not yet been identified. In March 2019 this Italian Catholic University decided to have this F-104 removed because it is a “negative symbol of war”. In October 2020 it was still there. In Sept 2022 it was seen stored somewhere in Piacenza.
Eurodemobbed : unknown.
Spottingmode : not mentioned.
CFE plate :


Sulmona/Introdaqua village park (AQ)

Aircraft, preserved uncoded on a pole. Clearly an F-104S/ASA-M looking at the GPS module inside the cockpit.

It is preserved on a pole at the Introdaqua village park near Sulmona village (AQ). It’s here since October 2006. It could not be MM6705 because that aircraft was confirmed as Caprodrise aircraft.
Eurodemobbed : not mentioned.
Spottingmode : not mentioned.
CFE plate :


Supino (FR), Italy

Aircraft, preserved as "9-51".

It is preserved in since 16 November 2005. It is not MM6772 which has been confirmed at Cancello Arnone.
The plane was/is ( anyone know is returned after restore?) an ASA and eventually could be MM6937 but this need a check at the plane.
Eurodemobbed : MM6772
Spottingmode : MM6772
CFE plate :
At this moment we consider this being MM6937 since at least the nose was identified as being from 6937 and the first noted date fits with the last seen at Grazzanise dates.


Tolmezzo, North Udine, near paper factory.

Aircraft, preserved on roundabout as “9-51”

It is not MM6717.
Eurodemobbed : unknown
Spottingmode : unknown
CFE plate :


Travelling object AMI

Cockpit section, "53-04".

In September 2010 this cockpit was seen on display inside the AMI stand during the annual Balloons Festival in Ferrara, Italy. Some people mentioned that this was once aircraft MM6800 but that is not possible since that aircraft is preserved at Ceprano.
Eurodemobbed : not mentioned
Spottingmode : not mentioned
CFE plate :

Unknown location.

Cockpit section, "4-59".

The cockpit of this F-104 has been saved from being scrapped and found with a private collector rebuilding it. It is not F-104S/ASA MM6881.
Eurodemobbed : not mentioned
Spottingmode : not mentioned
CFE plate :

Vigna Di Valle Air Museum, Italy

Cockpit section, "9-51". CFE plate MM6741

Some believe MM6714, some believe MM6720 and some believe MM6741 because the CFE plate of MM6741 is mounted.
Information received once: In October 2004 the MM6714 was transported to Grazzanise and it was parked on the CFE flightline. On 9 December 2005 it was officially declared CFE-wfu and that same month it was cut-up and partly scrapped. The forward fuselage was saved and brought over to the Italian air museum in Vigna Di Valle where it arrived later that month. It can still be found preserved today.
Who can say more about this cockpit???
Eurodemobbed : MM6741
Spottingmode : MM6720
CFE plate : MM6741


CFE plate CFE date mounted aircraft
MM6507 8-6-2007 MM6507
MM6701 12-10-2004 MM6701
MM6704 28-6-2004 MM6704
MM6705 20-7-2004 MM6705
MM6713 23-4-2002 MM6713
MM6714 7-9-2004 MM6714

MM6937 : is a simple ASA with no GPS antenna