IFS magazines

The International F-104 Society newsletter

In January 1990 a small newsletter was produced in an office somewhere in Holland by Harry Prins.
He copied a template newsletter source which was produced by glueing pieces of text and photocopied "framed" photos.
It was just a "fun" project as some kind of joke to surprise a view Starfighter interested friends. He never could have expected this joke to be a start of a very serious career of a true magazine.
After #1 a second one was produced because everybody liked it and soon interest arrived from other countries in the world.....
Soon this simple A-5 format magazine was released every 3 months.
It was named "ASSASSIN" but in 1993 it was renamed into "ZIPPER".
By that time it had a number of interesting subjects which were: ARCHIVE (telling the story of all Starfighters build in the world one by one), COUNTRY-CORNER
(giving the latest news country by country), AIRFRAME (technical information about for example ECM, RADAR, avionics etc), MOVEMENTS & TRIPS
(information from trips made by members), CRASHES & ACCIDENTS (information about crashes and incidents from the late fifties till the nineties) and
ADVERTISEMENTS (from members).
In between the magazine slightly changed from an easy created printer-quality newsletter to a high quality magazine with colored cover.
In 2005 the latest ZIPPER magazine was released via surface mail.
Since it was purely based as a non-profit task it took too much time from only a few people and it was decided to change from real paper magazines to electronic
magazines which can be downloaded from the internet. This was quite a change but kept the 104 soul alive and the 104 Society community together.
This was the main reason to continue our operations via the internet from the year 2006.
Beneath an overview of all released magazines from 1990 till now.


The e-magazines have only been released as downloadable PDF magazines. Currently we try to scan the older magazines and some of them are already available as PDF (notified on the page)

Thanks also to Paul Baijens and Flash Aviation Shop, Eindhoven for their "scanning" effort .